How to unlock your Sprint phone Easy process

okay so I'm here to tell you how easy it

is to unlock your iPhone 8 with Sprint

so this iPhone needs to be with Sprint

it's dedicated to network and what that

means is it's locked into their network

which means that you can only use their

network when you use this phone right so

so when you so I'm trying to unlock the

phone so that I can give it to a friend

who's going to use it on a different

network so here's is here's how simple

it is so basically this is on the Sprint

page it actually gives you a number that

you can call and I called this number

right here on Sprint or you can Dowell

like star 2 if you have the Sprint

mobile thing on your phone so I did that

I got this really nicely her name was

Taylor actually and Taylor was great

all I told her was look I have this

phone I had a problem he froze during

the update but now I got it solved my

friend helped me solve that well he

actually solved it and got the update to

work and I said well yeah basically this

was just a hunk of metal laying on my

dining room table so if you want this

phone that's great he's like yeah that's

cool but I don't have Sprint's so can

you unlock it so he called that number

you talk to somebody you tell them that

you want to unlock the phone ok so what

they're gonna do though is tell you to

give them some information first you're

gonna have to give them the pin for your

account number and everything like that

so have your pin ready so you could

identify yourself and tell them what

phone number this had been associated

with what the name of the device is and

whether and they'll tell you whether or

not the device is unlockable the iPhone

eight is so then then you're gonna go to

settings ok so you go to settings in

under settings you'll go to about so you

hit about and then I don't really want

to show you the number but you'll go

down to here where it says

they'll ask you for this information I

am EEI and then there's a string of

numbers opposite that and you'll give

that the person on the line a string of

numbers and that will identify to them

the device and hot and that sort of

thing then that's it basically they may

put you on hold a couple times while

they're verifying the information and

whatnot then they'll get back to you and

once they do that they'll ask you for an

email address so you can be notified

when the device is unlocked okay so the

device will be unlocked they said

they'll send the email within 24 to 72

hours and then the device is unlocked

and you can use it with any carrier and

so yeah that's it that's as simple as it

is with Sprint anyway to unlock your

iphone 8 plus and that's what we did so

yeah great

so a phone that was basically dead

because it froze during the last update

is now able to be used again in this

case by my friend who one who was able

to Joe who was able to get the installed

get the update to work so there you have


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