How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode (REALLY EASY)

what's good y'all welcome back to

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today's video guys I'm gonna be showing

you guys something really really top

secret later this is so top secret that

this is only between you me you feel me

this is only between you me don't tell

anyone this okay unless you're watching

this video and you share this video but

that's it

you guys can really read by the tile

room in this video I'm gonna be showing

you guys have to unlock legit any iPhone

without knowing the passcode so you know

you could have a girlfriend you can have

a boyfriend and you want to see who

they're texting you want to see their

photos I want to see what they're going

through on their social media are they

following any girls or boys that you

know I'm saying like it's all that type

of stuff you know I'm saying like

everyone has a past grade nowadays it's

2020 so everyone legit has a passcode

and you want to see what they're up to

because the reason why we have a

passcode for privacy obviously but the

thing is if you're in a relationship and

your partner has a passcode that's most

likely a red flag so that's what your

boy comes in you know I'm saying I'm

gonna show you guys how to unlock

they're our friend without knowing the

passcode you don't need the passcode you

know I'm saying I'm gonna show you guys

how to unlock it and this is actually

not my first time ever doing this type

of video showing you guys how to unlock

an iPhone without on the passcode I've

done I went in 2018 I was actually my

first one and I've done one last job and

that was my second one and now this is

my third video and it's 20/20 now so I'm

gonna give you guys updated one and plus

those two videos were on my vlog Channel

this is my main channels I'm about to

show you guys on this channel and how to

unlock any iPhone with iron on the

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but yeah this shouldn't be too hard this

legit shouldn't be too hard I think this

is probably the most easiest way like I

found a really really really simple and

easy way to do it and it should only

take you like a few minutes like two

minutes max to do it at least if not

three minutes you know I'm saying so

it's really really quick and simple

alright guys so this is what we're stuck

on you guys see this this is what we are

all stuck on

we see this okay we see this enter

passcode your passcode is required to

enable face ID and as I see there's a

little like lock I go right there that

little lock that's how you know that

it's locked

okay that's how you know as you guys

know we have like these two loot options

right here we got a flashlight and we

got the camera logo once you press on

that camera logo it takes you to the

camera right if you take a photo or

whatnot you know I'm saying and you guys

click on that photo that's the only

photos what the hell is that

anyways on that is the only photo that

you guys can see you can't see any other

photos but that one the one that you

just talk so you can't see the recent

photos is what I'm trying to say so I'm

going to show you guys how to fix that

how to unlock the iPhone like straight

up with that annoying passcode okay so

there's a few ways to do this I've tried

it myself and you guys know that Apple

always comes out with software updates

for iOS there's always like bug fixes

and all that so sometimes this may not

work but as of right now in 2020 of May

this will work it should work you're

feeling me I guys so this one should

work so we've got two hyphens right here

okay so I got my personal offering and

then I got my dad's a friend okay this

is my dad's iPhone right here

if you guys don't know yet and he has a

passcode and I legit don't even know his

passcode i legit don't even know his

posture so this is like perfect so what

you guys want to do is call the iPhone

that you want unlock the person's

offering that you want to lock so you

just want to call it you feel me I'm

calling her right now there we go so you

guys can see I got a little core once

you're on this you guys could see it

says a message you just want to click on

that okay and then you want to click on

custom you guys see that the rule rule

bottom it says custom you want to click

on that one once you're on this page you

can just go ahead and hang up on this

phone and just eat that to the side

because you don't need it no more so

once you are on this screen right here

jóska CS is new my message right once

you're on in this screen you just want

to click on that little camera right or

just want to click

it doesn't work guys wait up sweaty this

did work

ok so lucky I have another way to unlock

it but this way it doesn't work it seems

like app will fixed it by pretty much

guys the step was you could pretty much

just take that you could pretty much

just click that and then we'll go to

that actual camera and then there would

be like other stuffs and all that but

I'm not gonna bother now show you guys

this step because clearly it doesn't

work like legit I'm clicking on it and

this was only like I found this out like

three weeks ago or something like that

and it was working but for some reason

right now it's not working so that's

what I'm talking about guys like Apple

always X's up bug fixes so sometimes

this won't work but lucky like I said I

have another option I have another

option so don't worry about this one

screw cut you know one giant cut so that

one didn't work great but lucky like I

said I have another way to unlock it so

what you guys want to do is go to hey

Siri hey Siri hey Siri

hey Siri I can't say hey Siri doesn't

work don't worry it's still gonna work

what it is guys was pretty much the

person just pretty much turned off hey

Siri you know I'm saying sorry what you

got to do is just hold the little button

right next to it all you guys might have

the older generation - you just got a

whole door but you guys really know at

me and like you guys know how to use

them often you know I'm saying so you're

just gonna put up hey Siri

I mean Siri hey Siri what you doin

weird oh hi guys this is the really

really really really important bit you

got to listen up real carefully okay

this is where things get serious like

really serious okay you gotta be extra

listening you know saying all right so

you guys can see right next to the hey

story for this goddamn til here I don't

know if you guys can see the but Ronix

that little button on siri there's this

little question mark like you can barely

see it but it's right there I don't know

if you guys can see that but it's right

there what do you wanna do is just click

on it and then comes up with all these

options okay it comes with with all

these options same things you can ask me

fine FaceTime apps messages Apple pay

calendar photos camera and all that like

all these options you see that okay so

what you want to do is click on messages

right you want to click on messages and

then it says sending messages it's hose

you a bunch of options on what you can

do with Siri while doing hey Siri or

whatnot you know I'm saying you guys can

like read through it and it just tells

you like a whole bunch of things but

once you're on this you actually want to

use Siri listen carefully okay this is

really really important now listen real

real real carefully you listen I bet so

what do you guys want to do okay once

you're on this you can't really do much

you can't click on anything you can't do

much you know I'm saying like look at

this I'm clicking on everything you

can't do anything at all just told you a

whole bunch of things that you can say

to Siri and no launcher for you or

whatever so what you want to do is when

you say I don't want to think what when

you say you gotta tell her to launch by

message right just tell Siri to launch

iMessage and then once you laughter's

iMessage you should be able right you

should be able to see all the apps once

it launches you should be able to see

all the apps if it doesn't you have to

redo it okay there's something wrong you

have to like redo it there okay so this

is what I mean so hopefully it works

bring this cross because I went all the

way to this point for no reason

so this is what you do you want to go or

you can just press it Siri launch by

message you see that you guys see that

you guys saw that right it went to AI

message but the thing is got this is

also goddess Oh McGovern was dropped my

dad's foreign garden but this is also

the next step okay you guys shouldn't

have saw that you know I'm saying little

you know there's this is secrets right

here you know they are you because a

little slow motion by oxd her to our

market and you guys could see all the

apps while I was launching and this

phone is locked by the way like I said I

don't even know the passcode or anything

like that and the thing is guys this is

the next step you got Sora

once you ask her to launch iMessage you

should already be on create me my G okay

I know it's weird like you axed her to

launch iMessage but it didn't go an

iMessage it went on create an emoji okay

so that's pretty weird what you want to

do guys is you want to click on set up

later if they're from there or you are

on the Conn I I don't want to show my

dad's context but pretty much guys like

if you don't believe me hold on what ye

are legit on their contacts look yeah

I'm gonna I'm gonna show a bit far K I'm

a shot before but yeah see we legit on

the messages you can see the messages

and one on a once you're on the messages

right this is Sheila Bray this step is

this like less than 10 steps to do it

bro this this is so easy

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it if you guys get lost you long time

pookas look we're legit on my dad's fine

look it's unlocked

I can go on the cameras and whatnot you

know I'm saying look at that you feel me

I can go on the photos look at that

I'm on my that's for it look at that I'm

on my dad's for this you guys see that

legit sorry this oh my god man it still

works i legit thought I was not gonna

work by the wet guys sorry that's all

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saying like we're smart people you know

we invent a lot of stuff anyways that is

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