are you what good at your boy let me

bring us back in the brain inferior and

as you love comes up at the taro I'm

gonna be showing you guys how to unlock

literally any offering without knowing

the password sir as your scenario or

don't know if that actually done a

similar video to this on how to unlock

any iPhone without knowing that password

on that video it's like at 600 KQ so you

guys seem to like really enjoy it but

now I'm gonna be showing you guys like

an easy or white and other time they're

not showed you guys it because I'm I

seen that videos you definitely check it

out but I think they kind of like Apple

kind of like fixed up problem because

like you know are your worst you know

like the updates coming in or that so is

like bug fixes so I'm pretty sure they

fix all that but you guys say like it

doesn't work and all that all right so

you know I'm just trying to figure out

how to unlock it another way and that's

what I've been doing and actually found

out and otherwise I'm not literally any

- but this time guys to unlock any

iPhone you need to add phone share this

time you need to often instead of want

to unlock it but this time it's going to

be are simply more easier than the last

time because the last time you guys said

and it comes down below that like you

know it's like really complicated you

guys no matter what's happening about

trusting guys like this time is gonna be

a really really easy and really simple

so just follow the steps I'm gonna be

doing any can unlock your boyfriend your

girlfriend's your cousin's your

brother's your sisters or tonight you

can lock the United Nation get into the

proper lot and see you know if they're

cheating or anything but yeah figure out

the four games of this video I want you

guys to drain down below right now and

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single name I'm bothered by guys I know

you guys can talk about the me robot I'm

literally then alert in call of duty

black ops for because that game came out

like he days ago literally just

downloading an hour just taking for ever

means there's a 60 minutes on out

she okay let's begin this video alright

so as you guys know um let me just show

you guys that so as you can see that

this is not undr if you guys can see

that but literally there's a lot right

there and a Gillette see I don't have

face I'd be on this just show you guys

your mom saying so you guys believe me

it's still locked so if I swipe off at

the password right I'm just showing you

guys that I don't have face I'd be on

this okay it's all gone skis I put that

off you know I'm saying I turned off our

face ID because that way if I just look

at it then or just unlock so I'm showing

you guys that you know it's still not

it's not it's off just trust me on that

all right okay so pretty much guys what

you guys want to do so you're gonna be

using your own frame alright let's just

say like this phone right here is a

friend that you want to unlock okay so

all you want to do is just call this

mobile so we're gonna call it I see you

right there this is my dad's fine by the

way and there we go and there we have it

so once we on here guys are you guys to

see all you want to do is just click on

message right there and then you want to

go to custom just down the bottom right

if you guys can see that so yeah you

have all these options right yeah then

you just want to click on custom so

we're just gonna go custom right there

oh [ __ ] what the take two sorry

I'll do this more quicker because I find

just stopped calling so you want to get

a message then you want to go to a

custom poster right there and then

you're gonna be taken to this page right

here and then on this plane you can

literally just do that and then your

[ __ ] shoulda known that shouldn't have

say you're gonna be taking on this this

is what your screen should be looking


what okay guys sorry a little bit of a

difficulty there because sometimes that

the camera and all that you got to see

sometimes like the camera and all that

doesn't shine like the top there's you

guys so sometimes I wasn't sure if that

does not show or when you guys to

restart the phone and then do the whole

progress again and then all these things

like the camera and all that should show

again so as you guys say I just

restarted wrote that I was like so I

fulfill that will definitely and then

I'll just restart the brain then it all

popped up okay so what you guys want to

do from here is you want to go to the

camera so you want to click on the

camera so once you're on the camera as

you guys see what's it want you guys on

the camera you guys you guys to see we

can't go you know how does that section

what they wish to show the photos and as

you guys see what they're so sorry

photos or video so you can't have any

access to the photos or videos yes sir

get back and then I want you guys to

like spam it you know I'm saying just a

little try hey Oh a lot of fire is about

okay that's about like 60 photo got a

I'm guessing damn he's our sexy beast 40

or 42 first god damn that face am I

really that ugly [ __ ] me I don't want to

thank God you took all the better home

saying oh you just want to get back and

then what you want to go to is you want

to get to hi Siri hey Siri hey Siri are

you kidding me hey Suri

hi Siri I'm sorry I cannot listen it's

amandine well that's how you do it okay

hey Siri launch contacts okay so as you

guys can see well on the contacts right

after the camera roll you want to go to

hey Siri and go to contacts for more

[ __ ] and then you want to go to the

little plus button right there I don't

want to go to add photos all right and

then you want to go to choose photos I

know you asked here to see that see you

want to go to choose photos at the moon

you can literally see all the photos and

all that I see right there so you can

literally see all the photos that they

talked as you guys see even will not go

through my photos right now so you can

see like you know who did don't know who

the here's a boyfriend or girlfriend is

they're taking selfies with I don't know

anything could see through the photos

and all that now sick sick alright and

then you want to get a cancel but guess

what it also is it's a law you see that

you see that all you gotta do is just

swipe up if you guys have a fine like

you know the one with the buttons and

all that or you have to do is just

obviously press the home button and

that's live but yes it was usually

that's it because I legit try it before

Apple does like a little bug fix

whatever cuz this is I was 12 right iOS

12 if you find is running on iOS whoa

this does work on you % does work and

even like like lower than that but it's

proven that I don't think that would


I don't even know yet because like I

said under Apple bring out like another

is often okay I just let me know in the

comment below like if it does work like

that because they tried to slim line

comes down below because this did a

hundred percent work for me I literally

just showed you guys like do those few

like steps and all that and this lemon

and it comes number if it did work or

not let me know in the comments down

below I really want to know it is pretty

much I just want to show you guys the

easiest way another easiest way to

involve anyone's our family it doesn't

even have to be

it could be like an iPod and iPad and

all that long has a password and you you

know you can mock it video guys I hope

you guys did enjoy this video I'm gonna

wrap it up here I hope I did help you

guys know how to unlock like anyone's

after and get into that like private

show your mom saying so I'm gonna wrap

it up here guys hope you guys did enjoy

a smash comes on bottom let me know in

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