How To Unlock Iphone SE - FAST & SIMPLE! (2021 Method)

we are rolling what's up guys Christian

here and welcome to another video today

I'm going to show you something very

simple I have a tutorial for you guys

and I'm going to show you how to unlock

your iPhone to use it with in carrier in

this example for this video I'm gonna be

using an iPhone is e this is the latest

version 2020 version but this method

will work for any other iPhone out there

5 2011 iPhone 10s any other iPhone this

is exactly the same method and today

we're gonna do it we're gonna unlock

this phone together step by step now all

you need to unlock your phone is a SIM

card your iPhone and browsers so you can

use your computer or as long as you have

internet connection you're gonna be able

to unlock your iPhone now there are a

few things that I have to mention before

we start this is a factory unlock so

this is not a passcode or an iCloud

unlock this simply means that we're

gonna unlock this iPhone so that it's

compatible with any other SIM card in

any country it is as simple as that it

is a hundred percent legal this method

will not work if your phone is stolen or

is reported as lost so this is an

ethical 100% legal way to unlock your

phone many people do this is a very

simple process

in fact probably you already know how to

unlock your phone but in case you don't

know today I'm gonna show you how to

unlock your phone so without further ado

we are gonna start with the tutorial so

first you're gonna get the phone's IMEI

information or IMEI number so to do that

simply go to the dialpad

of your iPhone and I'm gonna switch

camera so that you guys can see what I'm

currently doing with my iPhone so what

we're gonna have to do is to dial star

hash zero six hash and as you will see

your 15 digit IMEI number will show up

in the screen of your iPhone now if you

cannot find this number you can simply

check the back part of your iPhone of

the box of your iPhone and it should be

written in there in the back sticker

alright so once we have the MEI number

we will proceed to the computer now keep

in mind that this is not a free method

we will unlock this phone using a paid

service this is the best way to unlock

your iPhone there is no way to unlock

your phone for free so this is a

that I used 100 times so I'm going to

switch cameras and I'm going to show you

how to unlock your iPhone using your

computer all right so the first thing

you have to do is to go to the website

unlockriver.com in these website we will

request the remote unlocking of the

iPhone so we just need to go here to

this form and we're gonna select the

original carrier that your phone is

locked to my phone is originally locked

to AT&T in the US so I would select down

then you select the brand I'm gonna

select Apple and then you will select

the model in this case I'm gonna be

unlocking an iPhone is e 2020 version

but this method will work for any other

version lastly we're gonna insert the 15

digit IMEI number that's the number we

got at the beginning of the video and if

you don't know this number we can also

get it from the back part of the box

anyways make sure you write it down

correctly then you're gonna write on

your personal email where you want to

get notified once we get the

confirmation to unlock this iPhone make

sure you write it on correctly if you

scroll down you're gonna see the average

delivery time and the price to about

your iPhone this will always vary

depending on your phones brand carrier

and model so keep that in mind then

we're gonna proceed by clicking the

unlock now and on the following screen

you're gonna see a summary of your order

just double check everything here make

sure you read all the information it's

always safe to understand how unlocking

a phone works but no worries this is a

hundred percent safe I have unlocked

more than 100 iPhones using this method

and so we're gonna just proceed down

here to place the order and I'm gonna be

back once everything is completed I'm

gonna show you how what's the next step

once you have completed your order so

I'll be back in a few seconds alright so

after placing your order you just have

to wait until you get the confirmation

that your iPhone has been unlocked so it

will take a couple of days sometimes

it's super fast sometimes it takes a

couple of more days so you have to be

very patient but once your order is

completed you're gonna get an email just

like these so we're gonna switch to my

personal email and I'm gonna show you

how the email that I just got as you can

see here I got this message from unlock

River and it says order completed iPhone

successfully unlocked we're going to

open it and as you can see here it says

your iPhone has been a factory unlocked

now simply we

to connect the iPhone to the Internet

and there are two ways we can do this

using a Wi-Fi method and the iTunes

method for this example we're gonna use

the iTunes method so now we're gonna

grab the USB cable we're gonna connect

the iPhone to the computer and we're

gonna open iTunes and make sure you're

running the latest version of iTunes and

then your phone is updated to the latest

version this is very important

you're gonna insert a SIM card and

you're gonna connect your phone to the

computer and we're gonna wait until

iPhone the text that the new iPhone has

been connected so we're gonna wait a

couple of seconds and you should get

this message that basically confirms

that iPhone has been successfully

unlocked boom there you go guys that's

how you unlock an iPhone all right so as

you can see here my phone is now fully

factory unlocked I have full signal my

phone is locked to AT&T and I'm using it

with t-mobile so my phone is now fully

factory unlocked I can use it with

anything card in any country with any

carrier so thank you for watching guys

this is how you unlock an iPhone this

will work for any version any generation

of iPhone out there make sure you turn

on interrogations because we have very

cool stuff coming up thank you so much

my name is Christian and I'll see you on

the next one take