How to Unlock iPhone SE & SE 2 (2020) Factory Unlock for Any GSM Carrier Worldwide!

what is going on guys to Drake here

today I have a tutorial for you guys for

how to unlock the iPhone se if you guys

are new to the channel do not know what

these tours are these unlock tutorials

are basically helping on my channel as

well as helping out others however if

these videos do not apply to you then

please just do not watch it enjoy my

other content however if you are

thoroughly interested and unlocking your

iPhone se let's get into it

basically if you have to not know what

unlocking your phone means it basically

if you're locked to a GSM carriers such

as AT&T you can unlock its using this

quick and easy process and then you can

use it with any other GSM carrier in the

world in addition it helps increase the

phone's resale value and thus is

definitely worth it anyways let's get

into the actual tutorial starting off

you're going to want to go to the dialer

app on your phone type in star pound

zero six pound I have to type that in a

15 digit number will show up all I have

to do is screenshot this write it down

just keep it somewhere safe so that you

can type it in later in the process

moving along you're going to want to

open up unlock panakam there are this

channels main sponsor and are excellent

I've tested out the services myself

multiple times and have never had any

issues once you're on the website go

ahead and type in the manufacturer and

model of the phone in this case the

iPhone S II now we're going to type in

the 15 digit IMEI number from earlier

this is the exact same number we looked

at and saved earlier once you type in

the number and move along to enter in

your email address finally you could

complete checkout

once you complete checkout you will then

have to wait within the allotted time

window that stated at checkout in most

case the unlock should be processed

within about 12 hours but if not the max

is usually about five days shortly after

you will receive an email from sales

unlock panda this email will have your

unlock code as well as brief instruction

file two will complete the unlock

process once you are receive the email

you have been ready to complete checkout

now on the phone you're going to want to

unlock go ahead and power at all then

use a sim removal tool take out the

current carrier SIM card and insert in a

new SIM card from a different GSM

carrier for example I usually switch

from AT&T to t-mobile so I take out 18

TCM put in the new t-mobile SIM and then

I'm good to go I wanted to send this in

all you have to do is turn on the phone

now with the new SIM card installed all

you have to do is connect the Wi-Fi and

the unlock will be completed wirelessly

without any notification you can now use

your phone within each GSM carrier in

the world however if you don't have

Wi-Fi you can do another method which

all you have to do is just connect your

phone to iTunes once you connect it you

will be asked to sign in your Apple

account and following that this screen

should come up congratulations to you

that's fully unlocked your iphone just

like that this tutorial is complete this

was a quick yet easy tutorial frogs will

knock the iPhone se if you enjoyed a

like or even sub if you're new to the

channel would greatly help thanks for

watching and I'll catch you guys in the

next video peace