The Only Way to Unlock Your Sprint iPhone

hey there what's up I hope you're doing

really good today so in this video I'm

gonna be showing you the only way right

now to unlock your iPhone

Tenace max from Sprint so if you haven't

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the resources that we talk about in this

video alright so at the moment a lot of

websites that were previously used to

unlock your iPhones are currently down

also if you already tried contacting

your carrier to have your iPhone

unlocked for free but they don't want to

unlock it for you then this is the

method that is gonna work for you as far

as I know this is the only working

method right now to unlock any iPhone

from Sprint in this video we're gonna be

doing the iPhone 10s max so let's get

right into it so here we have the iPhone

tennis max so first up let's go into the

settings go ahead and make sure that

your Wi-Fi is connected and then let's

go into software update and make sure

that your software is up-to-date very

important all right so first up I'm

going to show you what happens when you

put in a SIM card that is from another

carrier so go ahead and push it in it's

gonna take you straight to an activation

screen it's going to sector visa

required go ahead and hit continue and

here it's gonna give you a message that

says sim not supported after a few

seconds and there we go so once you see

this message it's okay I'm going to show

you how we're gonna unlock it now so go

ahead and remove your SIM card tray to

unlock it what we're gonna need is this

special unlock chip and we're gonna have

a link for it down below in the

description and for the iPhone 10 or in

tennis max you have to place it very

carefully above the SIM card like you

see here so you're gonna kind of hold it

and it's gonna be sticking in a little

bit before the actual SIM card so it's

gonna go right above the same card

you're gonna push it in and you're gonna

push in the black chip in first like

this align it properly with the metal

prongs so once you see that the black

chip is in for

and there's still a little space go

ahead and push it in completely gently

and it should read it like you see here

and it's gonna take you to the

activation screen and it's going to pop

up with this screen here that gives you

a couple different options so once

you're in this screen here you're gonna

select edit iccid

which should be the first option and

then here you're gonna type in the full

icc ID number which you will receive it

when you purchase the unlock chip and

it's also gonna be down below in the

description as well alright so once it's

fully typed in go ahead hit Send

then you're gonna receive this message

here just letting you know that it was

successful and that your iPhone was

unlocked so go ahead and hit accept and

you have to power the phone off and

power it back on right away so let's go

ahead and power it off once it's fully

off go ahead and power back on and once

the phone powers back on its gonna

completely activate and unlock the phone

and it will take you straight to the

home screen so once you're in the home

screen I'll give it a few seconds it

should pick up signal from your SIM card

and you'll be able to start using your

phone normally make calls text messages

use data everything will be working just

fine as long as your SIM card is

activated and as you can see up here it

says t-mobile and this is a sprint

iPhone Tenace max so that's pretty much

it it's super simple and that is it for

this video I will see you in the next

one if this video helped you out go

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