Unlock Sprint Mobile Phone - How To Unlock Any Sprint Phone Free

now as you can see here I have a couple

of cell phones these are all smartphones

samsung LG iphone set te and i'm going

to show you how to unlock a cell phone

so that you can use it with any carrier

any GSM network worldwide so I have all

these SIM cards and once you have

unlocked your phone you will be able to

use your phone with any carrier it's

super simple and I'm gonna try to

explain all the information I'm gonna

try to explain how it works so basically

to unlock your phone there are a few

methods first you can take it to a local

phone shop you have to leave your phone

there I'm not sure but it's not the most

reliable way to unlock your phone based

on personal experiences you can also

contact your carrier and the method that

it that it's the best method the method

that I have used hundreds of times and

that's the method I'm going to show you

today you can do it yourself you only

need a computer you need a cell phone

and you need a SIM card that's all you

need to unlock your phone and without

further ado let's start don't worry your

phone won't suffer any damages it won't

damage the phone in any way your

warranty won't be voided it is 100%

legal and you do have to wait a couple

of sometimes hours sometimes days

sometimes you might even have to wait

weeks but it works and I have done it

many many many times so without further

ado let's start okay so as you can see

here I have all these phones but it's

exactly the same method for any brand

I'm gonna grab my settee and I'm gonna

actually unlock it in this video right

now with you guys so the first step is

to get the phone's IMEI number so I'm

just gonna grab the phone and I'm gonna

go to a dial pad and type star hash zero

six hash now as you will see you will

get your 15 digit number that's their

IMEI number and that's a unique number

for every phone and based on this number

we're gonna unlock this phone so keep

that number somewhere close because it's

super important okay now we're gonna go

to the computer because the rest of the

process takes place in a computer so

let's go to my email account so this is

the email I got your lock code is ready

it includes instructions on how to enter

this unlock code and that's what we are

gonna do right now we're gonna insert

this unlock code into the phone now you

have received

email anyways I'm gonna grab my phone

here and I'm gonna insert this unlock

code it's super simple so I'm just gonna

power off my device once the phone is

completely off I'm gonna insert a

non-supported SIM card a SIM card from a

different carrier in this case I'm gonna

use a SIM card from t-mobile ok so just

use a different carrier a different SIM

card that it's not your original carrier

okay and now we're gonna power on the

phone it's gonna take a few seconds and

it's gonna prompt to enter the unlock

code that's the code we got in the email

keep in mind that this unlock code will

only work for one specific phone and

it's calculated based on your IMEI

number okay as you can see here I got

Network locked and it's gonna request

the unlock code as you can see here you

have ten attempts to enter the correct

unlock code so just try a couple of

times if you get it incorrectly you can

contact them and they will send you

further instructions on how to resolve

it the issue okay so I'm just gonna

simply go ahead and write it down here

now that I have filled in my lock code

I'm gonna hit OK and boom my unlock code

was successful code accepted and now my

phone is fully factory unlocked and now

I'm able to use their with my new

carrier it is as simple as that guys

that's how you unlock any cell phone is

the same method for any brand so keep

that in mind it's super simple and also

if you have any questions leave them

down a comment section down below and

I'll try to answer all of your questions

and that's it guys that's how you unlock

a cell phone thank you for watching my

name is Christian and I'll see you on

the next video

take care