How to Unlock Your Sprint phone

so you have a sprint phone and don't

know how to unlock it from the Sprint

network join the club

today I'm showing you how to unlock your

phone and I'll explain why carriers lock

your phone in the first place plus I'll

go over the benefits of having and

unlocked them if you haven't yet don't

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unlocking your phone from another

carrier I have a video for every carrier

here in this corner over here now why

would you unlock your phone in the first

place well having an unlocked phone

makes it easier to travel abroad because

you'll be able to use a foreign SIM card

if your phone is unlocked it's also

easier to sell and lastly with an

unlocked phone you can switch carriers

keep in mind though that not all phones

work with every carrier newer phones

tend to have the technology to do so but

if your phone is older than 2007 teenis

Sprint and Verizon phones are generally

compatible and as a rule of thumb

t-mobile and AT&T phones are also

generally compatible now you might be

wondering why on earth cell phone

carriers lock phones to their network in

the first place well it's an easy way to

keep you as their customer and it makes

you stick to them let's say for instance

you have a phone that's network locked

you might want to stay with that carrier

just because it's easier than figuring

out how to unlock it but do not let that

mindset tutor you because today I'm

going to show you how to unlock your

sprint phone in a few simple steps if

you need a little bit more help I'll

have these steps laid out in the

description where you'll also be able to

find a link to a written guide as well

if you need a little bit more help now

before you can unlock your phone you

have to meet a few unlock requirements

just got to do a little bit of homework

first your phone must be active on the

Sprint network for at least 50 days

second your account must be in good

standing meaning no unpaid bills or

anything like that third your phone

cannot be lost or stolen and fourth and

lastly your phone needs to be fully paid

now if you are on the Sprint flex Elise

you have to go through the end of lease

purchase option this means you'll pay a

large lump sum to own your phone after

your lease is over you need to do this

because you can only unlock a phone if

you own it outright once you have met

all of those requirements sprint will

automatically unlock your phone if you

feel like you've met these requirements

and your phone still isn't unlocked you

can a call sprint customer service at

this number below when or if you call to

unlock your phone the request may take

up to two business days just keep that

in mind if you're planning that now

these steps are for Sprint postpaid

customers only if you are a sprint

forward customer you need to call

customer care at this number now if

you're in the military you can unlock

your phone even if you don't own it you

just need to show proof of deployment or

proof that you're either in the military

or on the same account as someone else

who is in the military each line on a

military account can unlock up to two

devices each year that may be a tablet

and a phone or smart watching a phone

which ever combo you like you get two

devices to choose from to unlock if you

need help unlocking your phone military

personnel can go to sprint comm slash

sww support or call customer support at

this number below now I come out with

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