How to Unlock iPhone from Sprint FREE ✅ (Works All Networks) Unlock iPhone from Sprint FREE 2020


if you want to learn how to solve this

problem you should continue watching i'm

jess from stem never lock and in this

video i'm going to show you how to

unlock an iPhone when you have the sim

not valid or some not supported problem

when you have this problem it means that

your iPhone is locked to a certain

carrier so when you put a SIM card from

another carrier the iPhone will not work

so today I will show you step-by-step

how to unlock an iPhone that is locked

to a carrier and has the sim not valid

or some not supported problem before you

unlock you must know the IMEI number of

the iPhone now there are two cases with

a locked iphone sometimes it is locked

to this menu and you can't actually do

anything with it or in the second case

if you remove the SIM card and restart

the iPhone you can use it normally if

you're stuck in this menu you can find

the IMEI number by clicking that and

then click on the blue info button on

the bottom right corner this will show

the IMEI number on your screen now write

down the IMEI number and you will have

to use another phone to do the unlocking

my iPhone does not have that case and

when I remove the SIM card and restart

it I can actually use the iPhone so I'm

going to show you another way to get the

IMEI number so the easiest way is to

open up the dialer in dial star pound

zero six pound this will show the IMEI

number on your screen another way to

find the IMEI number is to open the

settings menu go to general and under

the About tab you will find the IMEI

number listed you can also find the IMEI

number on the SIM tray slot on the

iPhone itself or on the back of the

factory box okay we found the IMEI

number and we have written it down and

now we're going to do the unlocking you

can do this from the iPhone itself or if

you have the case where you can't use it

simply use another phone to unlock so

head over to sim never lock com this is

the website where we do the unlocking

write down your email address the IMEI

number of your iPhone and the phone

version then make sure that everything

is correct and click on unlock it will

take around two minutes for the service

to confirm your request once that is

done this is the final step which is

verification so click on I'm not a robot

and a list of

apps from the app store will show up now

choose one of the apps and follow the

instructions given for installation this

is a very important step so make sure

that you do it correctly otherwise

you'll have to start all over again I'm

going to install one of the apps and run

it for about 30 seconds like the

instructions say okay

I ran the app for 30 seconds and did my

verification now it's time to put a sim

card in the iPhone and see if it works

as you can see my iPhone recognized the

new SIM card and I have signal this

means that I have successfully unlocked

this iPhone and now I can use any SIM

card I want from any carrier if this did

not work I suggest you go to the page

with apps and try another one you may

also want to wait between three to five

minutes because sometimes there is a

delay in the unlocking service thank you

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