How To Unlock iPhone 8 Plus From Sprint to Any Carrier

hey there everyone so here I have a I

phone 8 plus from Sprint and I'm gonna

be showing you how to unlock it so maybe

you have a sprint iPhone 8 plus and you

want to be able to use another carrier

or you need to travel overseas and

unlock your phone to use it in other

companies overseas so that's what I'm

gonna be doing in this video I'm gonna

be showing you how to unlock it so that

you can do that please go ahead and give

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description and without further ado

let's go right to the video now so this

phone right here is a hyphenate plus

it's from Sprint let's go ahead and

remove the SIM card so as you can see

that is the Sprint SIM card let's put

that down so let's go ahead and place a

t-mobile SIM card in for example and

this is what its gonna do if you try to

install any type of SIM card that's not

sprint I'm gonna bring you to this

activation required screen you're gonna

have to connect to Wi-Fi hit continue

and it's gonna give you this message

right here sim not supported because the

phone is locked to sprint so it's not

gonna work with other carriers unless

you unlock it until you unlock it all

right so I'm gonna show you how to be

able to unlock it now let's remove the

t-mobile SIM card very quickly this is

alright so what we're gonna be using is

this special unlock chip right here see

very thin locking chip and you're gonna

place this in the SIM card tray you're

gonna place it very carefully like this

I'll show you position it correctly and

okay so once it's in there correctly you

can go ahead and get the SIM card that

you're trying to use once again place it

right above the unlock chip and place it

gently in the phone so it's gonna bring

us here to the activation required

screen once again go ahead and hit

dismiss okay so here we're gonna hit

continue once again to try and activate


and once again it's gonna give us this

message here okay but this time what

we're gonna do is we're gonna now that

the simp know that the unlock chip is in

here what we're gonna do is we're gonna

press the home button

we're gonna go to emergency call and

we're going to type in star five zero

zero five star oops

start seven 672 star zero pound and then

hit the da button it's gonna give us

this selection here just scroll down to

edit iccid edit iccid and then here

we're gonna type in the icc ID which

will be in the description as well and

the current iccid right now is a nine

zero one



four nine five on zero once you have it

typed in hit Send it's gonna say this

setup okay restart your phone now so hit

accept and power the phone off and then

back on

all right once the phone is powered off

we're just gonna go ahead and power back

on remember you must always leave your

SIM card in there with the unlock chip

okay so here we're gonna hit continue

once again to try and activate it

and there you go this time with the

unlock chip in there the phone is gonna

unlock it's gonna activate and bypass

the lock screen so if your SIM card is

activated you are gonna pick up signal

service and signal right away and for

data as well let's go to settings

so as you can see it's it's reading the

t-mobile SIM carrier t-mobile that's how

you unlock your iPhone eight plus from


all right upon so please give this video

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in the next video peace