How To Unlock iPhone 7 Plus from Sprint to any carrier

hello everyone in this video I'm going

to be showing you how to unlock your

sprint iPhone 7 plus all right so this

is a sprint iPhone 7 plus it's currently

locked to sprint I'm going to go ahead

and show you we're going to insert a

sprint SIM card so that you can see that

it reads it just fine and then we'll

insert some other SIM cards so that you

see that does not read it very good

alright so I inserted this sent the

Sprint SIM card and it is reading it

fine it's not picking up signal because

the SIM card is not activated but it is

reading it fine because it is saying

activated when a phone is locked to a

certain carrier and you put in another

SIM card from another carrier it will go

to the activation screen and it will say

sim not supported and I will show you

now all right so that's the Sprint SIM

card we're going to insert a AT&T SIM

card and a t-mobile SIM card so that you

can see

all right so as you can see since it's

lots of sprint it takes us to this

activation screen here you're going to

have to log into Wi-Fi to try and

activate the phone with the with the

other carriers SIM card alright and

since this is a sprint phone and the SIM

card is AT&T it says sim not supported

try again

alright sim not supported so it's not

reading it alright let's do the same

thing with the t-mobile one just so that

you can see put in the t-mobile SIM card

in the SIM tray place that in here

alright as you can see it also goes back

to the activation screen here and then

once again we have to try and activate


all right now this this t-mobile SIM

card that I put in is activated it has

service that's what it says it's getting

signal here like it says activated but

it still says sim not supported since

the iPhone is locked alright so now

we're going to I'm going to show you

what you're going to need to unlock your

sprint iPhone 7 plus to make it work all

right so what we're going to need is

we're going to need this small SIM card

right here which is a unlocking SIM card

and we're going to have this on our

website alright you can click on the

link down below to get it it's going to

be fairly cheap one of the most

inexpensive ways to unlock your iPhone

at the moment all right so you're going

to place that in here just like that

like I showed you okay with the bottom

piece like that and then you're going to


whichever SIM card you're going to use

onto it so I'm going to be putting in

the t-mobile SIM card alright and just

insert it like you would the regular SIM

card slowly and gently

all right so once you insert it with

these in oh we're going to have to try

and activate it once again all right and

after a few seconds it should read the

service like it did right there is read

t-mobile and cut the reception and it

bypassed the whole activation process

alright so now we can go ahead and fall

let's try and make a phone call

thank you for coming yep okay we

appreciate your visit as you can see it

could make phone calls and let's try out

the data oh wait let's disconnect from

Wi-Fi test the data and it picks up LTE

data as well

no problem very fast and as you can see

the internet is working as well all

right guys so I hope this video was

helpful for you

showing you how to unlock your sprint

iPhone 7 plus remember to click on the

link below to get your unlocking SIM if

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this until next time