was goody hhor-- boy Rhino welcome to

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and you know what you guys clicked on

this video thinking I'm gonna find out

how to unlock iPhones and that's what I

want to tell you so maybe you want to

unlock this iPhone because you're just

for poops and giggles you just want to

know how to maybe you got a boyfriend

girlfriend whatever you're trying to get

in there phone see what's up hey Bo


you were sitting posted in a living room

with her robe all your girlfriend came

home at 2 o'clock some ungodly hour

talking about some I was out with

friends when we know she wasn't maybe

your girlfriend can't hang out with you

this weekend because her cousin her

cousin is in town lo and behold our

cousin is looks like Channing Tatum

mixed with Cameron Dallas but we're

gonna find out all the answers we need

to know by getting into their iPhones so

I'm gonna take you guys to do steps

right now let's get it okay guys so this

is the face you're about to be making

once you unlock your girl's iPhone and

she has been unfaithful and see all her

messages and snapchat she was sent into

endless guys she got like 50 snaps trees

with 50 different dudes and you're like

passively aggressively happy about it

cuz you know you're about to blow her

stuff up in front of her yeah all right

anyway so here's what we're gonna do

you're on the unlock page or on the lock

page so you're gonna go and hit the home

button and say remind me okay just tell

me what you want to be reminded about I

will wake up tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. okay

I'll remind you all right now we're on

this screen serious hooked us up with

the reminders you're gonna hit that

reminder all right

so there's our reminder we're just gonna

focus for a half second all right so

there's our mind you're gonna hit the

reminder hold your thumb next to it and

it will say select all you're gonna hit

that now you're gonna hit the side arrow

side R then you're gonna hit share all


and once you're hit show you're gonna

hit mess

all right so we're gonna put a random

name in there so let's say G easy all

right now you're gonna hit return and

you're gonna hold the name okay so it's

green a highlighted you're gonna hold it

again and it will slide you to the

create new contact you will now create a

new contact once you're on this page

you're going to hit add photo choose

photo and once we're on this page we're

golden you just have to hit the home

button and here we are unlocked into the

person iPhone we can go through the

messages boom bloater stuff up we can go

into the snapchat blow order stuff up

alright guys so you guys saw it here now

a little friendly tip this only works on

iPhones that don't have the most current

updates so what what we film is what

September was today September 6 2016 and

I have not yet updated mine's it's a

six-digit passcode thing and all those

other weird updates so it'll work on

iPhones like that and then ones below it

so they try it and even if it doesn't

work on the current iPhone it your

iPhone you never know when it might come

in handy so it makes you guys keep this

video around share with your friends or

whatever give it a try and let me know

if it works let me know if you guys

found a bunch of endless snapchat

streaks that show girl or a guy friend

has been doing with other people and

you're pissed about it you know I never

understood that you having like endless

snap streaks with people all right no it

would you be ok with your significant

other having and the snap streaks other

people say it's a female that I've heard

of and I know that that's the best

friend I'd be okay with if it's some

dude that never heard of it was a good

guy friend she gets left got a good guy

friend it's her best friend don't kick

her to the curb dude it's her best with

guys she had a best friend

oh I'm her best friend I'm sayin I'm the

boyfriend I'm the best friend and the

boyfriend what are y'all ready here man

no our feelings Jupiter Drive in and

hopefully enjoyed it make sure you guys

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