How To Unlock iPhone 6 Plus From Sprint to Any Carrier

hey there everyone in this video I want

to show you how to unlock your iPhone

six-plus from sprint to be able to use

it in any other carrier that you wish to

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video now okay so sprint right now this

is the only way to do this

there's no factory unlock method for

sprint right now so I'm gonna be showing

you how to be able to get it done so

first off let me show you this phone is

from Sprint so let's go to general about

carrier sprint okay and the phone is

activated let's go ahead and remove the

SIM card alright so as you can see has

the Sprint SIM card in there and let's

place in for example a t-mobile SIM card

so let's go ahead and place this one

right here and we'll place it in the


once you unlock it you can use it with

any type of SIM card that you want as

long as it's a GSM SIM card so the

message you're gonna get once you

install sim from another carrier is this

right here it's gonna say activation

required automatically we're gonna have

to try and activate it so connect to

Wi-Fi and let's follow these steps here

so this is the message we're gonna get

if your phone is locked to Sprint it's

gonna say sim not supported since we

installed the SIM card from another

carrier in this example t-mobile it's

not going to be able to work with the

following because the phone is from

Sprint so I'm gonna show you how to

unlock your phone so let's go ahead and

remove the t-mobile SIM card really

quickly let's put that down and we're

gonna get the unlock chip that we're

gonna be using to unlock this phone

here's the unlock chip we're gonna have

a link in the description down below

where you can get this it's a thin

unlock chip like this we're gonna place

it right here on your SIM card tray like


it's gonna be super thin all right so

let's go ahead and get the same t-mobile

chip so you're gonna place it on top of

the unlocked chip like this okay and

we're gonna place it gently inside the


okay so once again it's gonna go to the

activation or required screen go ahead

and hit dismiss hit the home button

connect to Wi-Fi so once you're here

what we're gonna do this time is we're

gonna hit the home button and we're

gonna hit emergency call here an

emergency call we're gonna press star

five zero zero five star seven six seven

to star zero pound and then we're gonna

hit the Dow pad so it's gonna take us to

this selection right here this menu

scroll down and select edit iccid okay

so once you're here you're going to type

in numbers eight nine zero one four one

zero three two seven nine five two nine

one five and then five four five zero

once you have that typed in hit Send

it's gonna say setup okay restart your

phone now so hit accept and go ahead and

power your phone off


all right so the phone is gonna power on

like this go ahead and hit continue

as you can see it's already reading

t-mobile and there you go the phone will

be unlocked and activated with another

SIM card now so this one I activated it

with t-mobile as you can see it says

t-mobile up at the top so the phone is

now unlocked so let's go ahead and turn

Wi-Fi off now so you can see that it's

even going to pick up the data signal so

let's go to the Safari

let's open up Google for example so as

you can see the internet is working as

well let's try and make a test phone


there you go and it's also making phone

calls as well so yeah that was just a

quick video on how to unlock your sprint

iPhone six-plus so remember guys there's

going to be a link in the description

where you can get your unlock chip and

also I will always have the updated code

to use the unlock chip with that's it

for this video hope you enjoyed the

video and I hope it helped you out if

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I'll see you around in the next video

and as always peace ciao