How to Unlock iPhone SE

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I want to show you how to unlock the

iPhone se this is the latest from Apple

it's a remake of the iPhone 5s and five

and basically it's just got the little

SE branding on the back so really nice

little phone for those that like a

4-inch phone but I want to show you how

to unlock it so you can use it on any

carrier right now it actually has an

AT&T SIM card in it if I want to use it

on any carrier and that's the nice thing

about iPhones is if it's locked to a

carrier you unlock it the latest

generation of iPhones work on just about

any carrier worldwide every GSM carrier

and mostly in the United States you'll

be able to use it on the other carriers

here as well so in order to unlock it

what you need to do is first get the

IMEI code so you go ahead and go into

the phone dialer and then we're going to

dial star pound zero six pound this will

pop up the IMEI code now what we need to

do is take this number place it into a

website I use the unlocking company comm

and I'll show you that in just a moment

but we're going to use this number put

it in the website and get our unlock and

I'll show you that right now I'm at the

unlocking company comm and as you can

see we have a couple options what we

first need to do is put in our phone

manufacturer so I'm going to select

Apple then we're going to select our

phone model and since this is a new

phone it's usually all the way at the

bottom so if you scroll all the way down

you'll see that we have two options

this is AT&T so we'll go ahead and click

on iPhone se AT&T and then we'll click

get unlocking code now that we're at

this page we're going to select the

country we purchased it from in this

case it's the United States then we're

going to select the carrier of the phone

so in this case it's a TNT then we're

going to place the IMEI in here that we

got earlier once we've got the IMEI in

place we click get unlocking code once

we're on this page you'll see that we

have our price and our delivery time the

delivery time is one to five days I've

found that most of the time it takes two

or three days for an iPhone sometimes

faster sometimes slower it just depends

on which particular device it is in

which carrier so we'll pay the price

here in the price can vary depending on

your country and your carrier so once

we've paid this we'll get a notification

email when it's unlocked that the

phone's unlock now the nice thing with

iPhones is it simply just unlocks but

there's a couple ways to verify that so

let's take a look at that now once

you've received an email from the

unlocking company comm saying that your

phone is unlocked there's a couple

different things you can do you can

simply just replace the SIM card and

I'll do that in a moment to show you

that it works or you can plug it into

iTunes and it will show you that it's

actually unlocked so let's plug this in

and you'll see that it actually pops up

a verification message saying that the

phone is unlocked now if you don't have

iTunes you can simply turn off your

phone which is best practice you can

actually just pop the SIM card out on an

iPhone but it's best practice to turn

off the phone let it turn off pop the

SIM card and you'll see that this one's

actually an AT&T SIM card there and

let's place the activated t-mobile SIM

card into place and I'll show you that

it works

so there's t-mobile you can see that

place this in and will boot the phone

back up the phone is booted up I'll go

ahead and unlock it and you'll see that

it's already saying t-mobile that it's

booted up to t-mobile and now it's

working just fine so let me turn off

Wi-Fi and I'll show you that we can

browse the web on it and it should work

just fine so we'll go to my website here

and it's loading the website off of

t-mobile so it works great and it keeps

the phone permanently unlocked it never

relaxed and it will work on any GSM

carrier worldwide and most iPhones will

work on just about any carrier worldwide

so I'll leave a link to the unlocking

company comm in the description below if

you've used them let us know your

experience in the comments below if you

haven't subscribed already please

subscribe and like as always thanks for

watching this is Erin I'll see you next