How to Unlock Iphone without Sim Card

hey youtubers this is this is my new

quandary one and right now I'm going to

show you how to unlock an iPhone 4 or

iPhone 4s without a SIM card so let's

begin it say slide it press the home

button click on emergency call ty 1 1 2

and then tap the call button and keep

pressed the power button so I will press

the call button and keep pressing the

power button when this appears click on

cancel and when this comes click on here

and click on end the call and the home

screen will open so this is the way how

to unlock an iPhone 4 or 4s without a

SIM card but let me tell you one thing

this is not permanent hack after you

after you lock your iPod or iPhone and

you open it again again this will happen

and you have to do all of that thing


and and if you want to make it permanent

you would have to jailbreak your iPhone

so then only it will be permanent so

I'll get more on the description thanks

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