Hard reset iphone 6s/ 6s plus, SE, 6/ 6 / plus, 5s, 5c,5, 4s,4 (reset to factory settings)

how's it going viewers thank you guys

for watching my video in this video I'll

be showing us how to do a hard reset on

an iPhone 6 the hard reset will work on

any other iPhone and what the hard reset

does is it clears your phone of any

information contact pictures videos

anything on your phone it wipes

everything clear and sets it back to the

factory settings as if it were new and

you just got it from the store just

before I get started if you're just

doing a hard reset because you're having

some sort of malfunction I would

strongly recommend that you backup any

of your information make sure you have

it saved on your iTunes or iCloud before

doing the hard reset because once you do

the hard reset it will delete all of

your information and just another

question that I always get is can I

remove the Apple ID or the activation

lock anything like that once that

there's no way the hard reset will not

remove an Apple ID or activation lock or

anything like that so just a little

heads up there for all you guys that are

gonna ask please don't ask so what I'm

gonna do here is power off the phone

once it's powered off I'm gonna go ahead

and slide and I'll just give it a couple

seconds here just to make sure that it

is fully powered off and I will be

getting out my charging cable my

charging cable is connected to my laptop

so make sure your charging cable is

connected to your laptop once you're

there go ahead and hold the home button

and while you're holding that down just

go ahead and insert the charging cable

keep holding it's at the Apple screen

make sure you're still holding your

thing and once it's on the itunes logo

you can at this point release the itunes

logo and from here we will move on over

to the laptop and just so you guys can

see what is going on over there

as you guys can see the little itunes

logo there is popping up for us to open

and I'll go ahead and open it

there's a problem with the iPhone that

requires it to be updated or restored

what I want to do is I'm going to

restore it and it says are you sure you

want to store the iPhone to its factory

settings all of your media and other

data will be erased and the newer

version of the phone software will be

installed so I'm going to go ahead and

hit restore and update and I want to

just bring up iTunes because this is

where everything is happening

it says iPhones in recovery mode iTunes

is preparing to restore the software on

this phone

it's extracting software here up at the


we'll go ahead and let it do its thing

in the mean time I will give you guys a

little heads-up about the activation

lock if you guys are not aware of what

it is the first link below will give you

all the information that you will need

it just kind of talks about the

activation lock of the Apple lock what

it is what it does how it works that

sort of thing and then if you guys also

want to buy a phone and make sure to

make sure it's not activation locked the

second link in the description will show

you guys how to do that and now we'll

just answer some of the questions that I

get fairly frequent frequently about the

hard reset and the first one being does

it remove the Apple ID or the iCloud

lock no it does not remove the Apple ID

or the iCloud lock and people also ask

will this delete my you know delete my

carrier will interfere in any way with

my carrier will avoid my contract with

Verizon or AT&T no will not and it will

not remove the carrier so if the phone

is a Verizon phone you do the hard reset

it will still be a Verizon phone it

won't be unlocked you won't be able to

go use it on a different provider you

know if it's a ate of rising phone and

do unlock and go use it on a teen teen

that's not what this video is showing

you guys how to do so that will not work

and then people will ask do you have to

use an Apple product to reset the iPhone

no you don't you can use you know your

regular HP or your Lenovo whatever you

have any kind of laptop computer the

only requirement is that you have to

have iTunes on your computer and then

there's a every now and then you'll run

into errors different errors and the

first thing I would recommend is make

sure your iTunes is up and downloaded

the latest version of iTunes is on your

computer on the next one if you guys get

some sort of air I will try using a

different charger cable make sure it is

the original charging cable as you guys

can see the one that I have here is

fairly beat up there but it's the one

that works with this phone so that's

what I'm using in this demonstration and

if you've tried to do the latest version

of iTunes you've tried the different

charging cable

the next thing I recommend is try a

different computer maybe for some reason

or just not working well with each other

you can also try a different computer

and the last question that I get asked

fairly caught fairly frequently is how

long does this take

and and my question is well it depends

on a lot of different things there's you

got to take into consider it into

consideration internet speed computer

speed how full your phone is if you got

if your phone is maxed out and it's got

to go through and delete all of all of

your old stuff and bring in the new

stuff so that could also take a while so

there's a lot of variables to take into

account for that question so there's no

way for me to answer your questions and

tell you oh it's going to take you 30

minutes or 10 minutes or an hour it all

depends there's a lot of different

variables that go into that determining

the speed or the length of the hard

reset and just going back here to the

hard reset as you guys can see it's

restoring the firmware computer part is

done now it's just waiting on the iPhone

and the iPhone here is finishing up and

now we should be doing a reset

restarting the phone

starting it back up it will go through

the second loading screen that bar will

load all the way

and the screen here popped up as if

you're starting a new phone you can set

up as new as a new iPhone or restore

this from a back backed up version I'm

just gonna go ahead and wait and show

you guys that the phone is at its

factory settings and at this point you

guys can go ahead and unplug it the

laptop doesn't make that big of a

difference so I'm gonna go ahead and

slide back down and I'm just going to go

ahead and really quickly start this

phone back up just to make sure that

everything is working properly so I got

my internet signed up there disabled

locations I'm just gonna do this as a

new iPhone skip the Apple ID agree to

the terms and conditions skip the touch

ID and then don't add a password

don't use Siri don't send zoom dur

standard it doesn't really matter and

welcome to iPhone get started and here

you have it if you're selling your phone

I would recommend you take it through

these steps and get it to this screen to

where it's on the home on the home

screen um that way you won't have people

asking hey what's your Apple ID I'm

trying to do a reset here and I don't

have the information so I'd recommend

you do that before you sell it or ship

it off and like I said if you guys are

buying iPhones be very cautious a lot of

people try to steal stuff make sure

you're doing the right thing check out

the two links in the description below

if you guys have any comments questions

or concerns go ahead and put them in the

comment section below I will try to

answer them as soon as I can

I appreciate you guys watching this

video thanks have a nice day