iPhone 5C Info - to Reset Using Recovery Mode

Ultra video party oh you want to make

the city of showing you how to possibly

fix an iPhone that gets a error that

it's locked or disabled and to connect

it to iTunes so this guy is powering on

I just turn it on this is an iPhone 5c

and it keeps getting this message

iPhone is disabled connect to itunes now

you can make emergency phone calls with

it and it when you try to swipe that's

all you get

so I've got a Windows 10 computer with

iTunes loaded and now I'm going to hook

this up so you just take the iPhone and

get a USB cable and then just cook it up

so kind of all right and then let's see

what happens it's charged now try this

okay iTunes could not connect to the

phone because it is locked with the

passcode you must enter your passcode on

the phone before it can be used okay but

supposedly you're supposed to be able to

- okay more info let's see

I will be back because you're supposed

to be able to wipe it there might be a

separate way that you turn on the iPhone

be right back I'm back okay so what you

have to do is put it into recovery mode

what you do is you hold down the top

button which is the sleep/wake button

and then the home button at the same

time you hold them both down on but you

do not release them until you see the

screen so you hold the sleep/wake and

home button until you see the itunes

screen and you're supposed to be able to

delete and wipe the the iPhone so okay

there's a problem with the iphone that

requires it to be updated or restored so

we're going to update it

and what I could do is I could you know

what I could cancel this and I could

demonstrate to you to make sure that you

understand because not to be kind of

sanding but so I'm going to do it again

so hold the top button see if I can do

it with one hand okay let's see there it


so I'm showing you how to boot it into a

recovery mode in case the iPhone is

locked and you don't know the passcode

now you see the Apple logo there you go

so you see how I kept the top button and

the home button I did not release the

buttons until I see the iTunes screen

and now now you can go to you to the

computer with iTunes and then it's got

this screen there's a problem with the

iPhone iPhone that requires it to be

updated or restored now I'm going to

click on update if your iPhone can't be

updated you will need to restore it to

its factory settings iTunes will update

your iPhone to iOS 10.33 and will verify

the update with Apple so I'm going to

click update and we'll see okay so we're

just going to restore it back to factory

basically this is the iPhone recovery

mode it has a serial number on screen

iTunes is downloading a software update

for this phone and will install it when

the download is complete the reason why

I raised my voice is the idiot two doors

down is loud and I can't even hear

myself talk so we'll just hang out here

we'll hang out here for a few seconds

and we'll see if this goes ahead goes

ahead and I think I'll just you know

what I'll be back because I don't know

how long this is going to take iTunes is

downloading the software update that

it's supposed to restore back to factory

if you have a locked iphone or you can't

remember the passcode then this is what

you can do I'll be back because I'm not

sure how long this is going to take


I'm back I wanted to update you on the

progress with this iPhone 5c recovery

mode factory recovery mode as you can

see on screen

the progress bar updating phone firmware

it's almost done perhaps and verifying

update iPhone software it's in the

iPhone recovery mode iTunes is updating

the software on this phone so it looks

like it's probably going to go ahead and

complete I've ran into problems with

other iPhones and iPads where they error

out even though you get into the

recovery mode your iPhone has been

updated and is restarting please leave

your iPhone connected it will appear in

the iTunes window so it looks like it's

it's going to recover and I'll show you

my iPhone so it was perfect timing I

just walked back in and I noticed that I

was getting a progress bar at the

beginning of the recovery mode it didn't

have a progress bar just sat there at

that initial screen but it looks like

that the recut there it goes so it's

turning on and we'll see if it

successfully recovered if it

successfully recovered then it will

restore everything back to the fall and

I should be able to show you the iPhone

desktop reason why I have this plastic

bubble I replace the screen and so I

haven't taken off the the initial

plastic I'm going to make a video

showing you how to take apart the iPhone

5c look down here it says setting

setting up device okay I okay well it

said it was going into recovery mode so

but I'm getting another prompt iTunes

cannot connect to the phone but it but I

showed you the screen and it restarted

the iPhone now normally it takes you

back to the

screaming word says it's disabled device

said a complete device Apple iPhone has

completed setup okay and then that

disappears so I will hang out a few more

moments here I don't want to make this

video too long but we shall see if it

completes I'll see it did not work

that's what I was afraid of I was afraid

of that

so then if you swipe connect iTunes now

if you notice there's no more swipe you

notice how before there was that

emergency swipe or you can make an

emergency phone call I might I might try

it again so let's do that right now it

might take two or three times but so

let's click try again and the iPhone is

disabled what I'm going to do yeah it's

not going to work I'm going to click

cancel and I'm going to do the two

finger salute again so hold the hold the

top power the sleep/wake button the top

button and hold that down at the same

time as holding down the the home button

and I'll do just like that and here let

me see if I can do it with one hand

there it goes alright so don't take your

fingers off any of the buttons until you

see the iTunes screen and I might have

up I might have to do it again

okay so now I'm in the recovery mode

it says support Apple comm iPhone

restore so this is the recovery mode and

then there's a problem with the iPhone

iPhone that requires it to be updated

restored the problem may be fixed by

updating your phone or you know what

that's what it is now there's multiple

ways one way is you can update the

iPhone is which I have tempted the first

time I tried to just update it thinking

that well okay well it's worth a shot

but it could be because it has a

passcode that it will will not allow you

to update it because also it's going to

do is update and you're still going to

have a passcode but at least we were

able to wipe it out you know get rid of

the emergency screen now I'm going to

try to restore this time so we're going

to restore an update are you sure you

want to restore the iPhone to its

factory settings yes all of your media

and other data will be erased that's


because I don't need the data and the

newest version of the iPhone software

will be installed iTunes will verify the

restore with Apple okay so I just wanted

to show you that you can try an update

but if it's locked with the passcode

most likely it's going to still ask you

for a passcode but it's worth it it's

worth a try so now I'm going to restore

an update and it's extracting software

and it's going to take a while I would

say in my opinion it will take just as

long as before but maybe maybe I'm long

but I don't know if I want to sit here

so I'll be back and I'll make sure that

I monitor so I can show you if there's

any additional errors or you know I'm

tan so I'll sit here and wait and

hopefully we'll get this iPhone 5c

recovered restored so that I can access

it adios

came back with an update verifying

iPhone restore it's about what over half

with the progress bar maybe 75% and then

I'll show you the iPhone it's still

plugged in it's just got the iPhone with

the progress bar and I can't really tell

if the progress bar is moving it might

be just a little bit but it's so and you

don't want the cable to obviously become

disconnected but it this is a really

good cable somebody gave it to me

so well no I was thinking maybe the

progress was on the left that's how far

it you know I'm saying

so oh there it goes so now okay so now

it's going back again restoring the

iPhone software yeah I was right because

I saw the brighter small bar at the

beginning I was like well did it start

at the begin at beginning so this is the

progress bar the bright the brighter bar


so let's see I might just record the

video don't want to make this video too

long but I'm not sure how many other

videos are out there showing you you

know the entire process and quite

frankly I don't give a if people

think that my videos are too long

because that's free speech but you know

how anal-retentive you youtubers are you

get everything for free

restoring iphone software so it's about

yeah one third of the way there

now on the screen restoring iPhone

software it's going pretty quick and

then this must be deal I'm thinking this

is the overall progress on the iPhone it

has to restore the software and then

whatever else it has to go through but

this is looking good I've had a lot of

problems trying to restore iPods

well not iPods but iPads and iPhones

back to factory once they get locked and

I also replace the screen the old screen

had verticals and I'm going to make a

video showing you how to replace the

screen but it won't be detailed because

this Android is just not good enough

it's just not crisp enough but I'll go

over the details and I'll tell you what

screws you have to take out and and you

know I'll open up the iPhone and I'll

show you where but I'm not going to go

into every screw and because this this

cameras just not good and I have a

camcorder but the problem is I did will

not work with my computer the firewire

cable does not work well the cable works

but the connection on the camcorder

doesn't work anymore the firewire so

when I hook it up to my computer it

doesn't detect it and therefore I can't

download oh no ok there it's going fast

so I guess I'm wrong because on the

the iPhone it's almost at the end but up

here it's still there okay it's going to

reboot your iPhone has been restarted to

factory settings and is restarting

please okay

so that's what we've got last time but

this time I tried a restore instead of

an update an update worked so that's

good to know

I'm glad I tried the update although

it's probably I would say you probably

cannot unlock an iPhone if you just

update it but it's worth the try and at

least I know that the update worked

because it it removed the nine-one-one

emergency call screen and it looks like

keep my fingers crossed but it looks

like this is going to restore it so this

one is a good sign this is an iPhone 5c

that's what three years old something

like that

something like that somebody gave it to

me and I had a crack screen and I

replaced the screen because you can you

see how the bubble is still got that

little film

well somebody just got a a YouTube

notification I don't think they show up

when I record video but if it does I

don't care and it's pretty a good

condition I need to clean it up a little

bit I tried to clean it once but it

didn't really remove everything so I

think I'm going to do a thorough clean

the one problem I think one of the

cameras might not work so but if it does

not work then I'm going to just probably

dip it try only a couple dollars on eBay

I'm thinking so because there's three

connectors and I think I accidentally

okay here we go oh

the phone could not be activated because

of an unknown error please try again


so oh well here we go it said it

couldn't be activated but check this out

I think it's going to work I'm not sure

what that means couldn't be activated it

it does have a sim card maybe that's

what they're talking about not sure now

what you do here open

ciao I don't speak French or Italian and

speak oh now what did it do press home

to open all ok here we go so emergency

call no I don't think this is going to

work I think this is just the emergency

call set up that could be wrong

select your country or region United

States choose a Wi-Fi network ok oh you

know what this might work now I don't

know if this is for the emergency call

or not ok

oh you have to login okay alright well

I'll be back as soon as I get past this

okay I'm back I got through the Wi-Fi

and I'm not going to install that I'm

going to press done and then press next


well it aired out but Oh activation lock

this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID

enter the Apple ID and password that

we're used to set up this iPhone oh boy

I'm not sure now let's see if I can

click Next

oh man activation lock help okay Find My

iPhone to link it to their Apple ID if

you were given this device or purchased

a second hand you will need to contact

the original owner to have them remove

this device from their account Oh give

me a break

well it doesn't look like I'm going to

be able to restore this well I don't

know if I'm going to be able to complete

this for my customer they're going to

they're going to have to contact they're

going to have to contact whoever linked

it this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID

man so it doesn't look like it there you

know but I got this far so I'll still

upload this video because I walked you

through how recovering the iPhone 5c I

showed you how to update it and I also

showed you how to restore it but as far

as the rest you know I went probably as

far as I can go until my customer

they're able to contact or if they know

or maybe they forgot their password

I was just asked to fix the screen and

unlock it so this was Apple iPhone 5c

how to restore how to use the recovery

mode and either updating it or restoring

it back to factory adios