How to unlock iPhone 3GS - Works with ANY Carrier - Simple Guide !

hello and welcome to another unlocking

video by Apple unlock is calm today

we'll be showing you how to unlock the

iPhone 3 and the 3GS it works on both

models and by unlocking it of course we

mean making it able to use any network

and any carrier and SIM card that you

want what we'll be doing is an IMEI

unlock the IMEI is the phone's

international mobile station Equipment

Identity and that's what keeps the phone

locked to its current network so we need

to get the IMEI number of the phone um

the easiest way to do this on this model

is going to settings and general and

about and you need to scroll down to

IMEI I can see it's kind of blurry here

but um you need to write this number

down that's what we're going to use in

the unlock so when you have the IMEI

number you need to go to the link in the

video description

it should take into our unlocking guide

at Apple unlock guides comm you use the

IMEI number with the guide and you'll

have your phone unlocked in no time so

get the IMEI number write it down um go

to the link and use it with our

not engage that's it

thanks for watching the video good luck

unlocking your phone and have a nice day

hello and welcome to another unlocking

video bye