How to unlock iPhone 3,4,5

hey guys and today I'm going to show you

everybody how to bypass a old phone now

this works for most old flings and like

iphone 4 even 5 33 this is 3 if they're

not updating so for this one it's simple

but the problem is the only tricky thing

you have to hold the whole button down

and what I needed lock put it down which

is sometimes hard for people and they

let it go it worked you only let it go

once in the whole thing and i'll show

you when firstly you want to slide it

open then after that gets hold it down

when this comes click cancel go to

emergency call like I just did that now

after you do that getting all that ok so

do this cancel a million to call do any

lesser rule number but I'm doing this

you're not cutting the phone with the

red thing you're lifting this for around

one second and then let up putting a

back down but oh only casually after a

few seconds is up two seconds when these

country things come out all the numbers

okay he had a number thingy now its

place this cancel and you actually got

access to not just any one app but

simply the whole phone can you imagine

that it's now look apple's luck the

biggest company and still has bypassed

as you see is no top tidy house it's our

friend three it has no I didn't put the

paucity inside this is pretty legit and

I'm gonna make a video on how to unlock

can you find so this fine it's old um it

doesn't work properly yeah sigh and say

it's the whole phone that gave access to

you for what everything it gives it so

as to me I thanks for your help