How to recover your Instagram account (Lost Password, Hacked, No Access to Email)

what's up everybody welcome back to xm


and today i'm going to show you guys how

to get back into your instagram

if you don't have access to your email

or the phone number

associated with the account watch



so a lot of people are having issues

where they can't get into their accounts

some people just don't have access to

the email that's associated with the


or the phone number associated with the

account so when you initiate the forgot

password sequence

they can't send an email link to you or

send a code to your phone because you

don't have access

i did a video before with people who are

getting caught up and

get help signing in luke i'll put a link

to that in the description

if you need help with that but this

question derived from that video

so i'm gonna help you guys get into your

account and hopefully we can get you

guys in we gotta get straight into it

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let's get to the phone now first thing

you want to do is you want to open up

your instagram account

so when you open up your instagram

account i'm at a screen where

i don't have an account signed in at all

so if you have multiple accounts

go to the settings and go to add account

and it'll bring you to this blank page

so when you get to this blank page

obviously we don't know our password

and we don't know how to get in so if

you go ahead and hit forgot password

it'll bring you to this screen and this

screen will probably have a phone number


it probably won't um it varies for

different people

now what you want to do is what we're

going to do is going to delete that

phone number so i tried it with my

username before

and it didn't work so i'll try it again

so i'll put in

username to one of my accounts

and you hit need more help now here's

the problem

it'll bring you to this screen here and

all it does is give you

information it doesn't really have

anything for you to accomplish what

you're trying to do

so i'll hit done here so i couldn't get

that done

that way so now if you try the phone

number i'm gonna try the phone number


and you hit need more help you'll see

that it comes up with the accounts that

are associated with the phone number

so the thing that you do here is if you

need help

logging into one of those accounts

that's listed you would go ahead and hit

that account i'm going to hit this one

just for

ha has you hit that account and now

you're going to get

a phone number email address that's

associated for you to help yourself

recover this account

now here's the thing the easiest way to

do this

is if you can get to those phone numbers

or you can get to that email account

and maybe do the forgot your password

steps with your email provider that

would be the easiest way to get this

done if you can and you don't have

access to these accounts

if you look on the bottom there's a part

that says i can't access this email or

phone number

if you click that link what it does is

it brings you to this

request support page and in this request

support page you will just have to fill

everything in

and you have to tell instagram what's

going on then they probably

email you back and ask you for

verification you'll probably have to

send them a picture or a photo id

or something to verify that it's you but

once you do that

you can get back into the account um i'm

not sure about the turnaround

instagram but some people have reported

that they've done this multiple times

until instagram has responded to them

that's about the only way you can get

back into that instagram account if you


have access to the phone number or the

email address

i hope this helps you if it does come

back and let everybody know that it

helps subscribe

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to exit media till next time