Easily Get back your Instagram Account


hey guys the cardiogram will come - at

the block tech tips so guys that I'm

going to show you a quick tip with on

Instagram and this involves how to

actually get back your account in case

you are locked out or maybe you forgot

the password or for some reason maybe

some of your account is compromised and

somebody's active account or something

related to that

alright so I'm just going to show you

how to basically contact Instagram so

they can actually look into the matter

and help you to actually regain access

to your account as you know your account

is very important and you might have

built up a following or something like

that so let's go straight into the tip

so first we need to launch the up

Instagram so those find your Instagram

up all right

not the login screen I'm sure you're

probably trying to put in the password

here or so on or maybe the recovery

method you are trying to use it's not

working now you're not receiving the SMS

notification all right so let's pretend

I cannot get in first thing I'll do what

the login screen is go to get help

signing in alright now once you did that

what you're gonna do sees you that it

says access your account

this says use username or email or in

this case phone number but of course

we're gonna choose this option here that

is the first one there of course you

must be able to at least remember your

email or the username right

are you you're your user account or it

sort of stuck in your user account I've

already done that and of course and then

you're gonna hit next

alright it should be able to find your

account based on the name or phone

number and of course you'll know it's

yours because you see the image that you

have on your account so I know that's my

account time you may have tried before

to send email or send SMS but you're not

receiving it so this time what I want to

do guys is to look on in and it on need

more help alright so once you need more

help you

the requests farm now what you want to

do here guys is just put in the relevant

information for example you're gonna put

in your email right here

whatever your email might be does type

it in at whatever domain all right

likewise if it's the same you can say

it's the same as the sign up email

meaning the one that's linked to your

account it will repeat up here and of

course you can specify a preferred email

next you're gonna choose why your what

type of account you add for example is

it a company or brand account the

personal account with photos of me

personal account without photos of me

right so let's say for example in most

key is gonna be personal account with

photos of me you're gonna check that

option there notice the blue tick and

this section is next did you forget the

email on your account or I can't log in

to the email and my account meaning you

have you remember email but for some

reason we lost the password and can't

log in or my account was act or is it

other if it's other you could choose

other meaning it's not one of these that

stated there or if you want you could

see I forgot the email on my account it

doesn't really matter right down here

you're gonna put it says add any detail

that will help us resolve this more

quickly so for example if you know

anything specific about the account that

would help prove that it's you let's go

ahead and type it also soon try to sound

very human and of course keep things

formal so say something like hey there I

lost access to my account and you can

explain the details or anything at all

I'll keep it short to the point and be

respectful alright so once you type that

out in your own way alright next you're

gonna submit request once that done

what's once that's done the reason why

it's not highlighting is because I

didn't specify an email so let's see why

so you notice once I specified that

evening the submit request button will

highlight no I don't want to use the

system seen I'm not showing you guys but

if I were to tap this I'll see that it's

been sent of course depending on how

many notices they have received it might

take a little longer or sewn right

but you'll receive an email in short are

and all you gotta do is click on the

first link once you do that guys make

sure that once you log back into your

account that you do a few things right

so once you gain access make sure you go

into options and settings if it was

layers account was compromised make sure

you activate two-factor authentication

because basically this will make your

code more secure if you have a Facebook

account make sure you link it to your

Instagram account and the reason for

that is because if you do not link their

cons it makes it easier to log in so if

next time in the future you actually

forget your password or something like

that all you gotta do is the speed

logged into Facebook and then you can

use that to automatically log into

Instagram all right and if it's a matter

if your email was changed or you do not

have access to that or emailing more

make sure to update the information

within settings guys so that's basically

how to actually contact on Instagram to

fix various issues that you might be

having I'd also

Sarat on blog tech tips in but until

next time guys bye