How to open the trunk 2019 Hyundai sonata if you accidentally lock keys on trunk

okay let me say something I got locked

out of a Hyundai Sonata that I rented

from my fireplace and I accidentally put

these keys right here in the trunk I was

pulling into bags up in there really

fast and realized I dropped the keys up

in there so I had ended up calling the

roadside to come and unlock the door and

I told him that I locked my keys inside

the trunk so a lady came from roadside

and came and she unlocked my door now

this is one of these push-start cars so

she goes well go ahead and get in please

start the car whatever so I hit the

button on the car and it kept saying

these keys right here is a message when

on the dashboard about these key that

she said well wait a minute where's your

keys and I told her it's in the trunk

so she was oh my god they're you know

they didn't tell me that when they

dispatched me out here

she said on the 2019 Hyundai Sonata

when the keys are on the trunk you can't

start the car obviously because it

thinks that the car is being stolen

because all alarms and everything went

off okay so I said up here at this truck

stop for about two hours calling

recalling roadside then all of a sudden

they said oh we have to send the

locksmiths out there

bla bla bla bla bla so what ended up

happening is I called my son-in-law he

came up here and I told him what I just

repeated to you guys he came up here and

he said when you get locked out of your

car and you lock the keys in the trunk

is this let me show you guys this is

just on the I know that it works on the

2019 Hyundai Sonata


there ain't no button right here so I

would have never figured that out but

I'm just saying so you don't have to

spend another two hours I mean I could

have called Hyundai but my mind frame

wasn't working yesterday because I was

so upset that I locked the keys up in


I'm sure a Honda I would have told me

that but just so you guys know that's

how I go I just wanted to show you guys

that thank you