How to unlock 2012 Hyundai Sonata

you know what it is I go to this meeting

right here the meeting place I'm never

at it

and I don't like to take my purse how

Lord that's no good

well this bro sorry guy we're gonna

shoot a video on how to unlock a 2012

Hyundai Sonata so as I always do I come

to the passenger side take my airbag air

wedge yeah I'm gonna shooting a YouTube

video is how to unlock cars teach people

how to unlock cars take my bag here

what was that stick it into the door

there and get it all the way in then

we'll turn the valve just until it's

tight we'll pump that up will separate

the door just enough to get our tool in

there's a little bit of damage here at

the top but that's no big deal

oh you got really he took your car

and they caught him arrest him he had

only been out of prison two months they

busted him the next day at Brandon mall

taking some girl to the mall I ran them

whatever they can pursue and when he got

to where Tampa Police good they did he

broke into a business - hi Wow

and this this was the car he stole at

least he didn't damage it it looks like

it stunk

where is it uh-oh they fix it okay he

bonded out ten days later I was gonna go

to court a month later he did the same

thing oh my god he likes other people's

cars I guess so how do you how do you

break into this car

they were tensed that he didn't break

down my apartment mm-hmm and I was

putting stuff in the car we have to take

everything out your house and all that

[ __ ] and Mikey the court was not running

Mikey was in my door I hang it from my

Lanyon from the dude I was going to get

lock the house door he pulled it though

I came from off of my thing and jumping

it's so hard to explain right now what

would you like to see happen and then I

won't answer them I don't know


that's your rap

Oh your rant alright so on this vehicle

it has a flipper lock it's right there

above the door handle we're gonna stick

our reach tool in there we're gonna flip

that back just like so

see you there I'm gonna pull our tool

out it's important you pull your your

tool out and get everything out of there

before you open the door so the door

doesn't stay bent you can see the door

goes right back to where it should be

and you have an open vehicle know to be

I can reach over and get the other side

for it oh it won't unlock when the alarm


your keys are in the trunk see if the

trunk button to work it may not all

right does the seat fold down the back

will have to reach in here and flip the

flipper lock through the back door open

this door up I think your seat folds

down but only from within the trunk the

your seat doesn't fold down your seat

folds down but only from within the

trunk so well not so much we can reset

your alarm but I don't I don't know if I

have my the proper tools with me I don't

have my

a proper work vehicle with me today I

blew my engine up oh my I blew my engine

on my little service vehicle so I'm

driving my truck and I don't have all my

all the normal stuff I would have but we

don't we don't reset alarms for free

this is a $35 additional charge okay oh

let me have you hold that there for a

second yeah should have an 8 millimeter

it looks like a little 8-millimeter

bolts in there I don't know if you guys

can see it's pretty dark I'll have to

get that off I don't know if I have

eight millimeter

bolt with a socket with me or not this

is a good time to pause this video

because I got a mess in the back of my