How to unlock the trunk of a 2015 Hyundai Sonata

okay this is going to be really simple

but it needs to be up here because I

couldn't find it on youtube when I

searched so so I figured well uh I

should put it up here but when you see

how simple this is gonna be like really

but I went to the Hyundai dealership I

have a Hyundai Sonata so I went to the

Hyundai dealership and total the problem

I was having and the lady in the service

department didn't know how to handle it

either so yeah you know even though it's

simple it's it's understandable if you

don't know so I bought the car and used

this a 2015 I really like it it gets

great gas mileage I'm not gonna have any


alright the issue is how to unlock your

trunk if it won't unlock I'm also like

right here is the such a new eye so

right here is the button push unlock

your trunk and let's go back here and

look at the trunk so if you're back here

at the trunk what you do is push this


here we'll see if I'm get it yeah Wow

this is stupid all right now let's do it

that's how you unlock it now what is

really stupid is right now in the video

it's pretty obvious that there's a

keyhole somewhere right there but I

didn't see it and the lady in the

service department didn't either so if

you push the button in the car and you

push the button here and you push the

button and your fob and it doesn't open

then you push the key there you go

push the key up in there then turn it

like the old-fashioned days all right

that's it two and a half minutes saved

me I spent ten minutes on YouTube before

I went up there and I finally just went

to the dealership so that's how you

unlock your Hyundai Sonata probably

other hundies as well but that's all I


make it a great day nobody else to do it

for you