Can you unlock a hydrolocked engine?

see they want y'all to take good look at

there's water right here that water

right there had a customer just drive

through it show y'all what type of

damage it did it's crazy


it came out of the motor okay but I got


your fingers can you see that good new

video is cool but yeah that's roughly

roughly 2 to 3 inches of water so imma

go ahead we're gonna see if we can make

this thing happen because right now I

won't click it was only clicking the

starter the motor is locked up it's

hydro a lock so the cylinders can't

really see it that great and in here on

the camera but maybe this one to do a

little bit more justice if you can see

inside of here that is water to the top

so we're going to try to get all that to

a vacuum cleaner here we can unlock this


and it is currently


the vibration it is quite a bit

out ago we got for sure for sure

a few inches I mean I'm a madman it's at

least at a minimal it's a member of like

three inches of water because when we

took the intake when I took the intake

out and squeezed it as you probably seen

in the very beginning of this it

literally just drained out I mean and

then I opened the intake up look the

side of the throttle body it was

floating to the top of the throttle body

misses off for like three feet of water

so I just hear the vacuum go into a

higher pitch so I might go inside to get

in there a little bit more and then hit

those spark plug holes and see if I can

do anything different I'll show you guys

the picture I look so the sad saga ends

we're chilling that when Dixie is

actually the very first place I got

fired for this place is the reason why I

became an entrepreneur a lot of people

don't know that but uh I was working out

of the truck trying to get this family

together and it's locked up so bad man

and one feels all said and done I asked

the lady hey you know how far did you

come out before you did this and it

ended up being like came out like I

don't know like 30 miles of drivers how

do I know that from the beginning I

probably wouldn't have stayed out as

late as I did trying to get it together

but that's the name of the game man

freeze all LLC mobile mechanic and

roadside services and that's what we do

unfortunately we weren't able to save

this thing so we looking at a new motor

right to that right there

that's a thumbnail youtuber to get it so

long yeah it's like almost midnight

thank God the lights are still on but I

got to be back up at four in the morning

to head to Sarasota so yeah so next time

you hit they be put on more than

beneficio make sure you hear at all that

you got alright