hey YouTube I wanted to before you get

into this video too deep I wanted you to

never want to know that in the

programming did not work for the 2007

Hummer h3 to program the little key fob

it didn't work I had to go to the

mechanic and had to pay for it

but I want you to see the process

because supposedly other models it will

work for and I went through it several

times and went through in detail so if

you're trying to program a key fob for

your Hummer h3 if you may have to it

2008 or 2009 I don't know I can't but

2007 it did not work and going through

all the forums there was like nope you

got to go to the mechanic but anyway I'm

going to put those videos ahead of me

messing it up or trying to do it and you

can do it maybe you go to the steps I

give you the steps also take you to the

keys cut and all that but because giving

you a heads up not guarantee it's going

to work for your vehicle and and anyway

you'll see talk to you later alright

we are programming the clickers for the

2007 h3 Hummer and it says to get into

the vehicle shut the doors turn it

don't turn the ignition key on yet it

says what you're going to do is you

insert the key but don't turn it on you

go over here to the unlock button right

here the unlock right here and it says

that you are to hold down the unlock

button and you will keep holding it down

through this whole thing until it says

to stop so hold down the unlock button

alright and then turn it to the

accessories which is shoot I did too I

never mind oh so it's going to be a

whole deep start over key out and put

them the cube back in I guess hold down

the unlock button turn it one click and

then turn it back to the off alright and

then you'll turn it to the on position

that's two clicks and then return to

the opposition and you continue to hold

the unlock button and it says you will

hear the horn sound the doors are

locking the horn will sound I release

and so that this point released the

unlock button on the driver's door but

it didn't honk try one more time

alright so turn the ignition hold down

the unlock button on the driver's door

we'll turn the key to the right

accessory continue hold down the unlock

button okay turn the ignition key back

to the off while still holding the

unlock button ok then return it to the

own uh-huh and then return to the off as

you complete this sequence the door will

lock and the horn will sound and then

cutting you have entered program at this

point release the unlock button on the

driver's side it's still ain't doing it

no horn not we'll try it again

do a little quicker this time I hold the

unlock button down one click back two

clicks back no horn I don't know how

long am I supposed to hold it

all right we are programming the

clickers for 2007 Hummer h3

and it says to get inside close the door

take the key and cert the key into the

ignition but don't turn on hold down the

unlock button on the driver's door I'll

turn the key to the right to the scizor

ease turn the key back to off I then

return the key to the own then return

the next key to off as you complete this

sequence the door will lock and the horn

will sound indicate you've entered

program mode at this point release the

unlock button on the driver's door still

holding it alright I just got back from

the local mechanic shop who had a

computer a us he told me was a fifteen

thousand dollar computer that programs

these GM vehicles took about I don't

know ten minutes and cost me sixty-five

dollars which is a little more expensive

than me doing it myself

but I didn't have a fifteen thousand

dollar computer are three thousand

dollar computers and set on the internet

to do it the 2007 milder you can you

have to have the computer and I didn't

realize that i sat here and did the

instructions several times and it didn't

work so anyway you have to take somebody

who's got the computer that hooks up and

they'll do the little program and

program your little key fobs but anyway

they're both working and working great

so $65 for two oh and he said he

actually kind of cut me a deal because

just to hook the scanner up do a scan is

80 and so you know 65 I thought was fair

you know he you know we pulled out the

big guns and did that

so anyway 65 bucks I now got to I now

have two keys and I've got to

scanners so I'm a got two keys into

keyless fobs as so anyway sorry YouTube

before wanting to get it free it's not

gonna happen with 2007 but anyway just

get everything ready then take it up

there and let them programming and get

your get them off of Amazon or Ebay eBay

is actually where I got it from but Lee

yeah anyway I'm out we've got we're able

to get in and out of my vehicle now go

there my wife so anyway we'll talk to ya

later bye hey I got my keys and the

little clicker do momiji's in the mail

and so now I've got to go to the local

hardware store and get them cut I've got

the original key there's no chip in it

as far as I know so what we'll be doing

is just getting a a a key cut and then

of course I've got them I drove my

Hummer so I be able to test it before I

left the the parking lot actually I

think this hardware store says I don't

guarantee the keys unless you buy the

key from them so hopefully hopefully it

work but anyway I'll let you know after

I get them cut I'm not going to record

inside the store I'd open a be real

friend over that but anyway we'll let

you know how they turn out I just got it

cut the some reason the machine kind of

ate up my two keys but uh but we went

ahead and got one of theirs I fit

without it he said I have a chip but it

don't because if you look right here I

can see that right there

anyway we tried it and it worked he cut

it and he charged me think he said he

messed up my two keys so it Betty anyway

so I got a free Kia they know these guys

are good anyway over here at the

hardware Ace Hardware but anyway now we

got to go back and program the thing

I'll see y'all back at the house