Hummer H3 anti-theft passlock solution

alright guys so we have a 2008 Hummer h3

that were working on came across this

problem to where we have an issue with

the anti-theft so most of the times

like Kim's flashing on usually does it

about maybe three times like every four

months or so you know the customer

states that he has to wait ten seconds

and until it resets and then it starts

again so for now came across this part

I've got this part they diagnose on it

already this is a part number that we

got and this is the piece that it's

gonna come when you get it so it's the

ignition switch cylinder lock does not

come with the cylinder key so you would

have to use yours

you know I've checked online it says

that there's a whole bunch of complaints

regarding this issue and you know so

what we're gonna do is instead of

replacing the whole cylinder lock which

is this whole piece right here I've done

them where I just replaced the

ignition side the electrical piece on

the back so once we replace it you know

which already did we're gonna have to

program it so by programming it you're

gonna have to do a 10-minute switch on

Frank it's not gonna start leave it for

10 minutes you close the switch once

this light exploit extinguishes off

sorry about that

once it turns off then your ten minutes

are up close the switch three seconds

open the switch again and crank it and

it's not gonna turn on so it'll do that

for you're gonna have to do that for

about three times so ten minutes three

seconds off and once you're done with

those steps then once you turn on the

switch again then the trucks should turn

on if not you know I've done it up to

four times but you know it eventually

turned on so yes replaces two bolts

right here take off these two bolts I'm

sorry and put the key into the on

position and then this piece will just

pop off it'll pop right off so insert

the new one which I already did I forgot

to film it so once we want to replace it

then you do the self learn and you know

you can always store this piece you know

for future use or whatnot

I got it auto parts fairly cheaper it's

like 67 I know all those unwanted like

Dino's like 98 or so but you know that's

pretty much it so

once the self-learn is already learned

then if any problems do come back then I

will do a second part or just let you

guys know if it was successful but I've

done and like I said in the past I have

not had any issues with them by just

replacing the ignition switch side

because it's not like the older ones to

where you have three wires going to the

to the switch this one it already goes

into the ignition switch so you know

I've already done diagnosis on it and I

already done my research and it seems to

be that this is always a problem that

you know gives it that big issue so

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