2006 hummer h3 key doesnt work and battery dead

so I ran into a problem the other day I

got a 2006 hummer h3 and the battery

died key fob will not open the door I

also ran into the problem of the key

does not open the door either don't know

why it's comment on these Hummers piece

of junk

so come around to the front of the truck

Hummer right in the center of the grill

if you look right up there and right

there is the access to open the hood

without power or being in the vehicle so

what you're going to do is take your

screwdriver flat blade screwdriver on

the left side of that thing and you're

gonna shove it in there takes a little

bit of work maybe a different angle

pop the hood now I could go ahead and

use the

no more release here and I've got access

to my motor and everything so I can

charge all right good luck guys