BYPASS GOOGLE Account on HUAWEI Phones | NEW METHOD June 2017

hi guys and welcome back on GSM ABC

YouTube channel in this tutorial I will

show you how to bypass the Google

account on huawei p10 and the method

works also on huawei beaten light be 10

+ and other Huawei phones with Android

7.0 inside so let's do it so first thing

that you must do is to power off your

phone from the power button just hit

power off and you need to put inside

your phone an active and valid SIM card

I will put my sim card

and now power on your phone and now if

you have a pin on your seam just enter

your PIN minus-40 and okay

and now just hit here where you see

emergency call and here type star hash

star hash six one three zero hash star

hash star okay now hit on phone

information and select sim card just hit

seen one and hit on this three point and

hit on view scene address book

now hit here and hit ads in contact it

cancelled hit back and now you have

access to your phone memory and just hit

new contact and here just type test ok

at the mobile just type 1 2 3 4 and hit

save ok and now just hit here to send a

message and type www.youtube.com


dot on and hit Send and now hit here on

this message and hit upon URL ok and now

I have access to YouTube here on YouTube

just type on these three points and hit

privacy policy and now you have access

to Chrome hit accept and continue hit no


and in the search bar just type

google.com and hit OK and now you have

access to Google on the Google search

bar just type go launcher Zeit go

launcher Z ok and now scroll down and go

to this link I hope you see it when you

see Android apps free ok and hit on that

and now scroll down and download the

latest version okay

and now scroll down again and hit here

where you see download a PC from secure

server now hit update permission hit a

low and hit okay now hit open

go to settings and enable unknown

sources and hit OK now go back and

download again the application hit

replace file and hit again open and now

hit next and hit install this

application now hit open

and heat enjoy and now you have access

to your phone menu and go to the

settings here is and scroll down and hit

advanced settings scroll down hit backup

and reset and now hit factory data reset

and hit reset form and again reset form

now erasing and restarting and you must

wait until your phone will restart


and now I'm back and you can remove the

SIM card from your phone we don't need

them anymore

and swipe select your home language and

hit next hit skip here he'd agree and

again agree agree to all and here hit

skip no need to connect to a Wi-Fi

hotspot hit next

hit setup is new and here hit skip and

set up as new device hit OK fingerprint

hit skip and hit get started and here is

my phone now let's go to settings and

scroll down and hit about phone and here

is my phone huawei p10 and here is the

Android version 7.0 and the Android

security Bachelor from my 2070 so this

was my tutorial for today I hope to be

useful for you and have a nice day