Forgot Password - How to Unlock Huawei P30 / P30 Pro

hey guys what's up the section Heather

and in this video I'm going to show you

how to unlock your valve EP 30 Pro p30

or any of the above a smartphone if you

no longer remember the pin password and

for some reason your face recognition

face ID or fingerprint ID is not working

and somehow you are locked out of the

device so let's just start it here is my

valve with P 30 Pro let's assume I no

longer remember the pin password and I

am locked out of the device so let me

show you how to remove this pin and

password or whatever security you have

so first of all you need to switch off

the device press and hold the power key

here for a while from your lock screen

and then when the power of option will

turn just tap on it and now the device

is switched off now you won't need to do

is press the power key and volume up key

together press and hold for a while like

this do not move your fingers from these

keys the power key and volume up key

press and hold

and here we go so now we are inside the

recovery menu as you can see and we got

few options here the second one is wipe

data/factory reset' so now you can see

that we have the option to perform a

factory reset so just use the volume

keys to move between the option press

the volume down key to go to wipe

data/factory reset' you can use the

volume keys or you can just use the

touch screen option as well next screen

it will ask you to type the word yes

just use this keyboard after that tap on

wipe data/factory reset' and you can see

that it is showing the message that if

you were logged into your Google account

earlier then you will have to enter your

Google password and username once again

after performing wipe data/factory

reset' so you need to keep this data

handy that once factory reset process is

finished you will have to use your

Google credential to get the access back

so after that just tap on Y Beta factory

reset or use the volume keys totally up

to you and you can see that factory

reset process is started so the reset

was successful and once again we are

back relatively menu just tap on reboot

system now and the device will reboot

and once the rebooting process is

completed they will have a brand new

phone in terms of content whatever we

had will be deleted and they will start

fresh and because of this all of DP and

password and security data and settings

will be deleted as well so you can get

access back to your device

and here we go so you can see that we

are starting fresh now that is asking me

to perform all those things that I did

in the very beginning of using this

device so once you are finished with all

of these steps you will have a brand new

smartphone and here we go so you can see

that now I went back to my home screen

of Huawei p30 Pro the lock screen

password is gone it is not asking even

to enter the pin password or anything

but everything on my device has gone as

well I am starting totally fresh if you

go to the gallery you can see there is

nothing now all of the images everything

is gone but the good thing is that now I

got the access back to my Pawtucket Pro

so this is how you can perform a hard

reset or factory reset on your p30 Pro

p30 or any of the Huawei Android

smartphones should no longer remember

the pain password and for whatever

reason your fingerprint data or face ad

is not working so that's all for now

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