How to unlock any Huawei phone for free - free and easy unlocking method !

hey everybody my name is Scott I want to

show you how to unlock your hawawa

ascend so that you can use it on any GSM

carrier remove the SIM card from the

cradle put in the new SIM card that is

going to be on the new GSM carrier that

we would like to use and restart our

phone ok once our phone restarts there

you go the huawei ascend logo there now

well this is starting up I wanted to go

through why you might want to unlock

your phone alright if you want to switch

carriers it's a no-brainer if you want

to switch to a different GSM carrier but

even if you're going out of town for a

little while maybe you're going to a

different country for a week two weeks

you don't want to have to get a mobile

phone or a tracfone or a go phone just

so that you can be on a new carrier in a

new country you want to be able to get a

SIM card when you're there and use your

phone the phone that you're familiar

with the phone that has all your apps

and all your contacts okay so this is

going to allow us to do that so we're

just waiting for the phone to let us

know that we have a different SIM card

in and to put in our unlock code there

it is

so the unlock code that they sent us we

are going to type it in exactly it's a

long number now you can see here if we

don't type it in exactly right the first

time we have ten attempts to do that but

we're going to get it right the first

time anyway right we just need to make

sure that we're looking at our email

that we got from unlock panda comm okay

we're going to finish it and click

unlock you see it says it's accepted and

our phone is unlocked it's on a brand

new GSM carrier thank you for watching

if you like to check out our other