Huawei E5573 Unlocking- Complete Guide for Smartbro E5573s-320

hello everyone this is jig of sheep

brambilla princess Ida on today's

episode we're going to unlock this modem

this is a modem Huawei version II 5 5 7

3 s - 3 xx that's e55 7 3 s - 3 xx ok

this is a smart bro block by smart and

I'm going to use a TM seam which is not

accepted at the moment by this model so

this is a pocket Wi-Fi very good for

students as well as working class let us

take a look first at this steps needed

to unlock your modem first one tools

needed and this assembly of your unit

second is connecting to the computer in

download mode there's a trick to that

and I will show you later on

third is unlocking your modem port we

will need to downgrade your modem first

the firmware of your modem then fifth is

repairing the IMEI and web UI six is

upgrading the firmware and lastly the

seventh is connecting via USB and Wi-Fi

and of course we'll need to test the

connection of your modem through

browsing a website okay let's go so now

what we're going to do here is we're

going to disassemble this and connect

this to the computer you need to have a

PC or a laptop and you also need some

tools very simple tools that I will tell

you just now so aside from the modem the

lock modem we're going to have to have a

data cable okay this is not a charging

cable this is a data cable it means that

it could transfer data from this modem

to the computer

okay so data cables are usually the ones

original from your from the charger

which came in with the unit of your cell

phone or of your modem and next you need

to have a tweezer or a metal material

like a pin okay the next thing you'll

need is a screwdriver this is a Torx 3mm

screwdriver and the end of this is like

a flower let me show you this is the end

of this and this is a special tools and

this is the last tool you'll need so the

next one will be the files which is

located on our computer we will provide

you with these files so don't worry

we'll need to back up for our IMEI it is

a number written on the back of your

modem it's just underneath the modem

battery so it's a 15 digit code which is

which must be written down on a piece of

paper or for example on this video the

notepad open your notepad and write your

IMEI okay later on we'll need that


it's time now to show you guys the files

needed so I'm going to click on folder a

5 5 7 3 s 3 24 and there are five

folders inside the first one is the

belong tool this is needed to unlock

your modem you using the USB loader and

it's in step 3 the next one is the

dissipation Locker

we'll be using that in step 5 and we

have here our drivers there are two

important folders here the folder to

which is the H link driver and folder 3

which is the mobile partner you should

install that to set ups in order to

proceed with this unlock

the next one is the firmwares we have a

downgrade firmware which is used in step

four and the upgrade firmware which is

used in step six and last but not the

least is the huawei default web UI this

is the user interface of the modem this

is version 17 point 100 use in step five

before we begin our programming we need

to open a built-in program in Windows

called device manager click on start and

type in device manager once you see

device manager click on that and a

window appears exactly or just the same

as this one

you are looking for ports now so there

are no ports use because we haven't yet

connected our modem to our laptop later

on I'll show you what I mean

so basically guys we have all that we

need we have the tools which are needed

and also the files needed to unlock your

modem and now let me remind you guys

that this video is a do it at your own


video meaning although this is a Reuben

video you must agree that before

proceeding to the steps you will not

blame us for any damages it may cause

your device and before you proceed also

install each link driver and mobile

partners set up so that you will have a

smooth transition

next thing is to just assemble this so

open it and then remove the battery okay

remove the sim or the meantime and there

are screws here one two three four five

six so I am removing it right now one I

have a magnet here for easier

safekeeping of my screws two three or


five lastly this one six so now we have

we will have a disassembled modem just

put something here just to release the

lock okay

and then there's your modem okay

important thing here is to know where is

the two points or the boot mode points

jumper points okay the jumper points are

this one okay this to this okay

I hope you could see that

this is how we do it this is step two by

the way let's connect this point to that

point using a metal wire or this tweezer

and then this is a live data cable

meaning it is now connected to the

computer and before I connected to the

USB port

I will short out these two points it's a

bit tricky at first but you will get it


yeah short that out and then insert the

microUSB cable okay

when you insert it you must not have any

light on because if you do you need to

repeat the process like in this one we

have a good connection because there's

no light there or here and we're good to

go we are now back to our PC and we have

here is our device manager when we

connect the modem by a download mode we

will observe that there's a new list in

the device manager this is called ports

comb and LPT right there this is the

correct indication that you have managed

to connect your modem by a download mode

let's double click on that and we will

find out that while we mobile connect is

connected as a recap we have already

done steps one and two and now we are on

to unlocking okay we are going to use a

belong tool here and let me show you how

we need to open a file called belong

tool it's on the file we will provide

you okay on the first folder there's a

belong tool click on the program inside

and scroll up click the tag it will auto

detect the comport and then click this

point dotted points and look for the

file which I will show you for example

in my case the folder is on my desktop

and then click on firmware

and on the firmware click on downgrade

and there's a USB loader that bin click

on that and then click load this is to

program or unlock your modem now it is

doing its thing

there's a progress bar down below if you

scroll down on it and you have you can

see that it's now finish or will be

finish because the bar is at its pull

now observe that the device manager has

moved and installed another item on our

ports okay there are two mobile connects

now and that's the indication that you

have done step number three correctly

good news guys we're on step number four

now we're downgrading our firmware and

it's easy to do that first click on

firmware and then Huawei downgrade the

files folder and there's an application

there this is p7 one 1 SS es update

click on that to downgrade our firmware

just click on that and an application

will open up welcome to the update and

click start and this will be a process

that you need to wait or a couple of

minutes until the progress bar comes to

its end I am now going to pass forward

this video guys and then after a few

minutes I will come back so after three

minutes the result will be one

successful confirmation and two error 21

cannot retrieve user information both

outcomes are ok just exceed the

downgrade er then restart the modem by

unplugging and re-plugging

the USB data cable to the pocket Wi-Fi

por Wow

then long press the modem switch for

pipe seconds let's now proceed to the

next step we're done now at step number

four so just wait for the modem to start

for around one minute and then let's

check on the device manager so now we

have three open ports okay so that is an

indication that you have done well let's

open now DC and Locker this is to repair

imei just right click on that and run as

administrator when you do that this

window will open up we need to click the

magnifying glass

that's a detect button it will detect

the modem and write the details of our

modem so now it's detecting ok we have

here ok our modem and then IMEI is a

bunch of zeros which is a damaged IMEI

and web UI is also damaged

first let's begin an repair imei

remember that we have told you to backup

IMEI just copy the 15 digit codes and

then you need to put that inside here

this is the right format in repairing

your IMEI you just need to insert your

IMEI number inside that IMEI word

okay just don't copy me just copy your

own IMEI and then copy all of that to

your DC and Locker just below the dotted

lines just paste it on there

and then press Enter a successful

confirmation is an OK word and then

let's again detect it by clicking on the

magnifying glass now observe that IMEI

is now repaired so the next thing

web UI web UI can be repaired by going

to the last folder who are we

web UI and then click on that file

update web UI 17 point 100 when you

click on that double click on that

there's another updater ok just click

start and then wait for it to finish I'm

going to fast forward this video in

order for you to save load or data in a

short while this window will open

this is finish update successful click

exit and then we'll check on DC unlocker

if we have done right click on the

magnifying glass to detect our device

and then let's see if web UI is repaired

ok we could see that our web UI is

updated to version 17 point 100 and also

unlock please take note now that our

firmware is at twenty one point 110 okay

and now it's step number six which is

upgrading the firmware to a much better

or higher firmware this is a five five

seven three as update 21 point 180

double click on that to have this window

pop up and then just click start to

start the process now fast-forwarding

this video to save time until the update

confirmation successful message

so update successful press exit and

you're done with step number six now

we're going to step number seven which

is connecting the modem by a USB and

Wi-Fi as mentioned earlier you should

have installed this drivers the H link

and the mobile partner in order for your

USB cable to connect with your modem so

I don't need to install this because I

have done that earlier on so I must say

you need that and then we're gonna check

if where it did right on that by

clicking on the network and we could see

that there's a network six up there and

go to your browser and type in your

address in as admin as a

username and also admin as your password

so it's asking for me if I want to

change that's later on okay so I'll skip

that right now and then I'll go now to

settings click on that and you could see

that this is the connection we are

connected right now I'm using the TM and

the AP and is globe and what I'm going

to do is click on the WLAN that's the

Wi-Fi connection settings the security

is there so you need to input some

password there that you alone oh and

click apply now you could connect any

device to this modem by Wi-Fi the name

is Hieu away ok ok just like that edit

the password to the one you've set

earlier in the dashboard and click OK

now you're connected to your Huawei 5 5

7 3 s - 320 congratulations

let's test now okay let's go to blog.com

that ph and then all right everything

seems fine okay if this video has helped

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