How To Remove Pattern/pin password Lock off HTC Desire 300

hi this is Paul from sour Mobile's and

this is going to show you how to remove

the pattern lock or wear our sheet

winter Google password and Google email

password which never works to get the

pattern lock off so if you forgot your

pattern lock so you go as you can see

there's a pattern lock on it this is

what you need to do so this will lose

all your data from the phone do take

your memory card and SIM card out before

you do this so you will lose everything

on your phone this is a factory reset on

how to do this and to get past the

pattern lock or the Google Account so

take the back off like so take a back

trail put the battery back in so right

what you need to do is you need to hold

down the volume down and the power

button at the same time so press the

volume down first then press the power

button hold them both down and then

you're greeted with this screen here so

then what you need to do after that is

use your volume buttons to go up and

down so you go down to factory reset and

you push the power button once and

that's basically it so let's now reset

the phone wiping the phone factory

setting the phone so you will lose

everything on your phone like I said

before so this is going to take a little

bit of time to sort of go through there

you go as you can see it's going through


so let's completely reset the phone now

so you can go through your features and

you've not got to worry about a part of

luck anymore you can reset a new parse

lock you can go through your settings

you can put stop and all your stuff back

on your phone just just remember before

you do this is it will wipe everything

off your phone that's the trouble but

obviously this is the only way you can

do it and you can't enter your Google

account or password because it never

works so yeah there you go brilliant

thanks for watching if the video helped

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