Hard Reset HTC Desire 626s For Metro Pcs/T-mobile

what's going on everybody own YouTube

channel and today video is going to be

how to hard reset your HTC Desire 626

what's gonna find out

before we start make sure guys that you

are actually switch off your phone take

your memory card whatever it is and I

want you to do step by step same as I'm

doing right now I switch the for the

whole phone completely it's gonna be a

hard steps if you don't do it like right

but first first step you have to use the

volume down and the power once you see

that black screen just release your

finger right away don't keep pushing

actually theory them okay so I see the

HTC once this HTC screen disappeared you

have to release your finger like that

here we go so this is actually the first

step the second state use the volume

down to highlight and I want you to go

to reboot loader just push don't do

anything just power will take it to

another screen it's easy steps the

second thing what you're gonna need to

use you have to select through the

volume down I want you to go to boot to

recovery mode okay guys so once you

reboot to recovery mode I want you to

wait till you see like a cell phone like

small logo or something once you see

this one you have to push power and

volume up and keep releasing the power

up we're going to do it together guys so

here you go let me just push the the

power I'm selecting both to recovery

mode will restart the phone

but that's okay you see I'm getting

ready I want to see that logo I'm not

pushing anything yet I'm just waiting to

see that logo I'm gonna probably take a

little bit of the time

there goes our power and you see I did

power and volume up and take me to this

menu actually then we need to use or to

choose or to highlight through the

volume down wipe that effect to release

it so push yes

through the power point and confirm the

whole process it through yes delete all

user data and it's gonna start now

wiping your information on the phone and

will put your phone back to the factory

reset it's actually you probably need to

repeat that video too many times because

it's very confusing

it takes me it takes me a lot of time to

actually just to figure out how to do it

it's I don't know why they do it like

that like that but this is the way if

you have any question leave a comment

I'm gonna try to help you out if you

enjoy the video find this video very

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