How to reset/wipe any passcode locked HTC ONE M8

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hello Carlos here and in this video I'll

be showing you how to remove any pattern

or passcode pins on the HTC One m8 and

this is to hard reset the device and

remove all the locks that may be

preventing you from entering it there's

two methods to this two different

techniques depending on whether or not

you have faster enable on the phone and

they do come as standard with fastboot

enabled so most likely you're going to

need the first method in the video um

and if it doesn't have faster enabled

it's a slightly different method which

I'll go through in the second myth in

the video so to start with we're going

to assume the faster is enabled which it

is as standard now we're going to use

the volume down the volume up and the

power button now we're going to have the

device on we're going to place our

fingers on the volume down and the

volume up so we've got those press now

and then we're going to hold the power

and once the device turns off we're

going to release the power and the

volume up a but remain pressing on the

volume down so I'll show you that now

volume down volume up and then hold