Disabling touchpad on HP laptops

okay the new laptops at mattock and fry

the elite books the new HP laptops they

have the ability to enable and disable

this touchpad Mouse so right now if I go

on the mouse and there's my mouse

pointer the mouse is working fine if you

look very carefully at the mouse pad in

the top left corner there is a little

it's a light it's a little dot and if I

tap on that twice in the top left corner

it lights up orange when that mouse

light there is lit orange and I'm on my

pad here the mouse will not move the

idea behind that is that that is so that

you can disable this touchpad if you're

going to plug in an external mouse or

something but if you are messing around

your keyboard and you accidentally bump

your hand on this or something this

light will turn on if this light is on

that means your mouse is disabled so to

turn it off and on all you do is you

double tap this this corner here so the

lights on I'm going to double tap the

light is off when the light is off mouse

moves I double tap again light is on

Mouse will not move that's all

it's just disabling the mouse pad you

can enable it and disable it as you