FACTORY RESET HP ACER DELL LENOVO or ANY Laptop/Netbook w/ WINDOWS 8 or 10 w/o the user password !!

today I'm going to show you how to reset

an HP Windows laptop windows 8 or 10

without the password first thing power

up the unit this particular laptop that

we have is a model mm - 2 D 29 WM with

Windows 8 on it and this procedure

should work for any HP Windows 8 or 10

laptop that left the factory with

Windows 8 or Windows 10 in it

first thing we're gonna do put the mouse

on the screen left click now the

computer wants a password a password

that we don't have a password we're not

likely to guess and we're not likely to

get so here's how we deal with this come

down here over that symbol left click

once make your computer easier to use

windows will read and scan this list

automatically press the spacebar

on-screen keyboard left click once to

stop that voice and bring up the

on-screen keyboard put the mouse over

the shift key left click one time notice

both shift keys are illuminated bring

the mouse down to the lower right over

the power symbol left click once bring

the mouse over the restart left-click


this screen right here is the key to

making it work we're going to choose

troubleshoot left click once

reset your PC left click once the

computer is going to do a lot of turning

off and turning back on and booting and

doing all sorts of stuff and I'm gonna

explain what's going on the computer is

going to restore windows from a hidden

file on the hard drive hidden file that

all Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers

have when they leave the factory when

you create a user account on a computer

it'll usually ask for a password and

you'll create a password and that

password that you create or the original

user create becomes a part of every file

associated with that account so there is

no magic key that opens up those files

if you don't have the correct password

the computer cannot decipher those files

so what we're going to do is we're going

to restore the computer to the same

condition it was in when it was

brand-new and we're going to remove

everything associated with that user

account so whatever was in there for

that user is going to be gone because it

wasn't yours to begin with and you don't

have the password to get at it

you see the little please wait you know

we do a lot of that reset your PC here's

what will happen all your personal files

and apps will be removed that were not

yours in the first place all updates

installed on the PC will be removed

because those were done on the account

that's not yours and your PC settings

will be changed back to their defaults

in other words the computer will be

restored to the state it was when it was

brand-new and that's what we want next

left click here we have two choices

first one has just removed my files no

that is not the choice that we want the

second choice fully clean the drive

that's the one we want right there left

click once all ready to go this will

remove your personal files and apps from

your PC and restore all settings to

their diff'ent defaults it's telling you

that once again then everything

associated with the account that you do

not have access to will be deleted left

click once

now let me explain why we took that

second choice the reason why you take

the second choice is cuz a you don't

have the password and it's gonna want

the password if you take the first

choice in many instances the second

thing is that if you just choose to

delete your files those files are not

actually deleted when you put something

in the recycle bin when you delete

something off your computer even though

you think it's deleted it's not really

and this is why someone with third-party

software can get into your computer and

recover those files because the space is

when you choose delete all it does is

tag those spaces associated with those

files as being available if they're

needed if the computer doesn't need

those files they're not deleted so we

chose the second choice because what

it's going to do is it's going to

overwrite all those spaces and then

delete them so the information is

actually deleted and the computer is

actually restored to the state it was

when it was brand-new which is what

we're doing right now and you see it

says resetting your PC 1% ok patience is

required for this procedure

make sure the laptop is plugged into

power now I'm gonna stop the camera and

then we'll restart it later in the

process because we don't need to let the

camera sit here and run for a huge

amount of time and this can take you

know sometimes it takes 20 minutes

sometimes it takes 2 hours sometimes it

depends on how much stuff is in the

computer to be deleted it's been about a

half an hour and we are only at 5% so

once again

patience is required for this procedure

here we are about an hour later and

we're about 13% done again you the time

it takes yours to reset is going to vary

with the amount of data that's on it and

the speed of your device here we are

approximately two hours later at 40%

complete and then we come to this screen

and it's all ready to set up just like

you bought it opened it up and turned it

on factory restored without the password

should work on any Windows 8 or Windows

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