How to UNLOCK The HoverBoard in Fortnite Save The World

yo what's up guys gamer Xu welcome to a

new port night video after this video

guys we're gonna talk about how to

unlock it's a half hour port and by the

way the hoverboard it's very important

if you want to go from a place to

another on the map since you are very

slow with use your normal character

unless you are playing ninja or

something okay

by the way to any to close the

hoverboard you have to press Q if you

see if you see down there is sq once I

rescue I exits a half a pole and also to

enable the hoverboard I have to press Q

but not only one Q you have to keep

pressing on key until the hopper for

sale so yeah this is the house of to

have a board it's you can unlock it

through certain quest I will show you in

as your guests and they have to finish

this quest so guys the quest is under

the tutorial classes under the name of

one to build the hoverboard search city

zones for hot roads in successful

missions in a nine-plus zooms by the way

to unlock this one you me you must

finish first finish the storm shield

defenses 5 in in stone wood so before

that you will not be able to see this

quest he wants to finish that is

essential defense 5 as I see here stone

wood beach sex and once I reaches the

beige 6 I I saw that quest and my

tutorial and now I will show you how to

finish this quest it's pretty easy but

remember it says that you have to do it

in the city zone so you must start your

game in a city zone if you don't know

how to have the city soon else mark any

map and you will find that it's called

city soon on the left side say the city

to new would ride the lightning and now

let's go with the mission okay guys the

mission is very simple you need to

just search for that yellow marks that

will appear on the map by the way this

you Lamar pull some cards I will show

you which correctly now I am changing

anyway okay here is the car here is the

fist for you you see as a new mark on

the map and now I will just simply

destroy this car okay you'll mark and

it's shining like a normal car you know

to have this shining round it just

destroyed and wants you to create that

car you will get the half a full part

you need to collect the same parts of

this hoverboards so now let's go and

search for one location to find another

part and select it as well by the way

you your team or your friends may help

you with this quest as well since if

anyone destroyed the score you can fight

the bolts as well and it will be counted

for you because this is not the all


I think you can fight up to five cars in

every quest so by the way I think ninja

is the best character in this game I

reach in power 122 with ninja I was

doing nothing like only I was depending

on my skills so much unlike the other

like instructor him a lot

the soldier is a soldier not to mention

his he but he needs a lot of ammo and a

lot of women unlike ninja ninja Ganesh

Oh has been destroyed before I head home

accusing collegues about from it so

case is another quarry

no no part by joy sometimes the car

doesn't rob you anything it's normal

it's very normal

that's why I donated you may take up to

two quests but every quest must be in

the city to prepare for Luke doc

I hope I had it all but the shotgun is

really stupid

geillis service mission so you have to

keep collecting sports you get this

mission done but I think we have to

finish this quest first I don't think we

will find more cars in into this machine

we have to start another new mission to

find more house anyway let's complete

this mission first and then search for

another one

Oh Mimmi okay let's get the mini oh it's


by the way don't understa this water

it's really strong in the in the first

level so it may kill you but not me of


like I I place it on the chromeless a

year announcer but I don't have a I have

only this cubic subscriber and also this


come on by

right he really should have returned by


the dimensions this weapon is very low

and also I don't have any skeletons my


but I like the infant any damage but

it's indicas very good

okay 772 I just jump it into another

mission and Mayo I will collect the

finer parts of the hoverboard and I will

show you what will happen after

collecting old sports of course yeah

here is that part number 10 spot I have

finished this mission and by the way is

a spot was was was get by by one of my

friends by me I didn't feel that call

one of my teammates has destroyed the

call so and I still can say [ __ ] but

actually he left it for me anyway that's

the final part now let's see I will jump

to the end of this quest and show you

what will happen after reading God's

timber of the colliculus

okay now after jumping to the bending of

this quest of course I watch all of

these minutes and

the west and normal road as well and

finally one to build hoverboard yeah

the hoverboard Maxima to Richard so only

world and explosion without debilitating

energy on your prototype hoverboard and

yeah the hoverboard is here and thanks

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