Warframe Tutorial - How to Unlock the Hoverboard and Gara

hello everybody so as you can see we're

back to the ship so anyway if you're not

to get the hoverboards first of all you

need to go to Fortuna there's actually

place and you need to unlock the quests

to folks salaries and I think you unlock

it by entering Fortuna and if I'm not


Fortuna it is actually Venus

yes it's actually famous so you come to

for tune you talk to like if you guys

haven't not been there yet it's gonna

like a pure cutscene basically like

you'll talk to a dude and then you like

yo you have to do this couple of quests

and then afternoon 5-6 quest famish imma

sure I think you unlock it but thank you

well what a a-hole I'm just thinking

you're like you don't need to thank me

Oh funny guy hey guys so you do a couple

of quests likes gonna take a while oh my


yeah I just found out this year I've

been plugging the game like a long one

so anyway so he'll probably make you

talk to the main man that's actually or

the main robot is you wanna call him

like to come here and you talk to this

guy his name is you do cool so you talk

to him he'll give you like a bunch of

quest and then you make it talk to

another dude or another robot that

actually you will send you do a couple

of quests and after you're doing all of

them you'll get the hoverboard for free

but wait that's not all or all of it

there's more about this tutorial I'm

going to show you guys so if you haven't

noticed like there's the other city

called Cedars that is actually on over

there are simple and earth it's named


so I saw a couple of guys playing with

Gaara the warframe er I'm gonna show you

which one it is

some of you guys might not know who it

is but I'll show you this one is the new

it's not new one I don't know I have not

been playing about warfare not her home

she came out so this car the glass

warframe er

and also do like using this chains and I

was like whoa that's pretty cool so Cara

is the glass maker warframe ray and to

unlock her you need to go to see this

and there's like this bald guy that will

give you the quest called side vigil and

I'll show you guys by the way hold on

let's go see this so like I was tried

tell you so we need to start the quests

you like he's gonna tell you to go talk

to a woman and you have to do

gather some glass shards so let see it's

not gonna take cobalt because I mean

it's gonna take a bit of hard pleasure

to go to this place and go to another

place you know hard work from it is like

oh hey go to that place it's easy just

do this and two seconds later is like

all you have to go to another plan to

get more sharks you like what browsers

know just go to the other planet you're

like okay so you come to see this and

you look for this little guy his name is

Khan zoo and this little guy will give

you the quest or you talk to Saira that

is actually this woman she's not here

shown she's only here when you finish

the quest apparently she'll be like way

over there the other side of the market

so have you complete a quest you'll get

the blueprint hold on so I can show you

look no it's another four frames a lot

of footprints anyway here is girl work

working you'll get a free complete the

science visual question you have to

gather three piece of shards on market

and then that's the chick question how

do you get the colour components well

you come back after you complete the

control button you come back after you

complete the quest you talk when you do

you'll give you some pollen II sorry I

was reading what it says so this part is

you like you can redo the dailies and

level up for her rate on the dailies

anyway so each party gives you a chance

of caring gaara's components so you get

Carl she C blueprint from this one it's

an uncommon item then you get car a

system from assassination and then you

get to see what is the other one

apparently every 15 minutes is a

different one

even though if you hit the daily Kappa

it's okay because you can just do this

and get the rewards like I say guys when

you do the request it's gonna be like

all you have to do it is like potato

drawn go kill some Grenier go do a lot

of stuff basically the game will tell

you some objectives that you have to do

and some of them actually have bonuses

some of the people don't like oh let's

not do the bonus cuz if that and you

might lose the chance of getting got a

blueprint of Oregon component basically

like I'm gonna show you guys in a moment

I'm gonna accept the pony and what okay

thank you

who put what okay alright so like I was

saying makes accept upon T there we go

oh my god come on wash my ticket so

we're gonna accept the cult of Konami

yeah sure why not

assassination come out examples yeah low

level Chris anyway so we go let's see if

we can get the components see the bonus

like I was telling draw out the target 1

minutes apparently they didn't do that

so even though you could have get a

chance to get and get the garden system

you're not gonna care because they

didn't do a bonus apparently could have

gotten the bonus thing the day you're

like nope this is a bad thing I really

recommend getting the hover board so did

you like I'm doing do it faster right so

this open see if you can get the gara

blueprints hopefully right where is he

for sure I don't understand your

language would you speak okay so we got

vitality oh I'm just having fun with the

demo for it's like chic ruining like

some people are used to the art Queen

but you know hoverboarding like there's

no more argument about it's too got a


who doesn't love it whoa whoa whoa put

throw the ragdolls anyway put a simple

of a hoverboard oh you see we got to

bone this control level above 50 okay

what if I go over there oh no I'm dying

flip flop complete within five minutes

all right

should be easy not all right now uh oh

yes nothing we're not trying to not let

sit anyone not really - you will know

more you okay you got thought it was

going to get stuck did I got it no god

damn it

first rule of for you to it Bobby so as

you guys can see we didn't get the gara

component but basically if you do the

compass re if you did it Bounty's you

get a chance to get the components and

problems I did not get it so that's bad

repeat the game human what what am i

doing is this a secret place

oh my well good-bye team goodbye YouTube

goodbye everyone

oh no I broke the game what and again

what a great way to end this tutorial

guys well I hope to see in the next

episode girls I'm going to run animation