How to | RESET your Hoverboard (Quick and EASY)

what's up YouTube in today's video I'm

going to be showing you guys how to

properly recalibrate your hoverboard if

you're having issues with getting on and

off of it and if you see air

so as you can see one side is leveled

while the other side is vertical and

basically when when you get on it's

going to give you a red light which is

basically telling you that you're going

to fall off or the hoverboards are gonna

break because like you could level it by

hand but when you get on it's gonna it's

gonna automatically go back down and get

crooked again alright so let's get

straight into it after reading the uses

manual that was included in the with the

hoverboard I figured out that to

recalibrate it first thing you have to

do is obviously turn off your hoverboard

and then what you have to do is all

right let me flip it over real quick

alright so these these headlights will

come in handy so what you have to do is

keep your finger pressed on the on the

on the turn off button and you're going

to see five flashes of light 1 2 3 4 5

and then you want to let it go and then

lights are going to be on and you're

going to keep on flashing so what you

want to do now is position your

hoverboard so it's completely straight

the way you want it

alright what you could do is you could

use the foam that's included in the box

but I'm too lazy to get it out so I'm

just gonna I it with my hand alright

that seems good enough and then just

press the button and then that should

reset it alright let's see

alright now let's test it up yup and

it's straight it's not giving me the red

signal and I'm set thanks to the user's

manual found the video helpful please

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have questions about hoverboards and

just recalibrating it and as always

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