Unlock Hotel TV inputs

okay staying at a hotel and I would like

to play my ps4 on the system but his

stupid tv turns on and you can't change

a goddamn input turn TV on it's on

there's a damn remote ain't anything on

the damn remote both input I tried every

single button already drilled the menu

info back I'd eggs that help everything

everything on this remote and nothing

works nothing changes then him buttons

are here your source source doesn't work

source will not work menu will not work

volume works volume goes up and down and

you can change channel up and down

but they lock out your source and your


hmm there is HDMI hookup already plugged


card in I got some sort of cable box

plugged in so see some plug that cable

box that they have and then maybe my

permission to use the damn TV because

none of that [ __ ] works it's on the back


oh yeah we got a week or no signal see

if these douchebags what a source up now

how do you source so we did it

that is how can hook up any HDMI laptop

playstation shitty Xbox to your hotel TV

also time to game for the rest of the