VIP Hotel Hack - Key Cards

hey guys so today I'm going to give you

another tip for when you're staying in a

hotel room


hey guys Sam with the blind life so once

again I'm in another hotel room and I've

got another great easy simple tip for

you nowadays everybody uses these key

cards for their hotel room doors

some of them slide into a little slot

some of them you push into a some

you just touch to the face of it and it

unlocks the door but everybody seems to

use these and they're great but it's

just a completely smooth piece of

plastic you know if someone with vision

impairment there's no way to tell which

way you're holding this and which way it

needs to go into the slot so a very

simple solution to that is to mark the

card somehow and what you do is when

you're checking in to your hotel room

and they give you your card just ask

them to market an easy way to do it is a

simple piece of tape that's what I had

to do today sometimes they will even

take a hole punch and punch a hole in

one of the corners of the card for you

but if they don't want to damage the

card then just a simple piece of tape

will work great so I asked them to put

the tape on the back side and the right

corner so that I would know which way to

orientate the card what I needed to put

in this slot and that's it super easy

now I guess of course some people will

say well chances are you're traveling

with somebody they can help you a spouse

relative a friend suicided

yes but the goal is to be independent as

much as possible and this is a very easy

way to solve this problem to make it so

you can use these cards with no problem

there you go guys really quick easy tip

of the day Hotel tip of the day we'll

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