How to Unlock Hot Spring Spa Controls

Aitor hot tubs Jeremiah from Mountain

hot tub wanted a quick tutorial on how

to unlock or lock the controls on a hot

spring spa we get questions about this

periodically a lot of people are afraid

that something's happened their hot tub

because the controls have stopped


if that's you let's take a look and I'll

show you how to fix that first we're

going to look at the new controls on hot

spring spas made at the very end of 2009

through current day if your controls

look like this you want to pay attention

to this part of the video most of the

time people don't even realize they've

activated the lock but simply by

pressing the options button and the

temperature button you can access what

they call the temperature lock now this

illuminates a red padlock here at the

bottom that is very easy to unlock

simply by pressing the options button

again the temperature button and then

pressing the temperature lock again

you'll see that lock disappears now the

one that causes issues for a lot of

folks concerned that their controls may

be broken is they've accidentally hit

the options gone into the setup menu and

then actually selected this spa lock

feature right here

now this illuminates the same padlock

however now I do not have access to the

controls or lights or anything there so

to disable this you simply want to press

down the options and the light button at

the same time we'll see if I can do that

one-handed here you'll hold that for

about four seconds and having done so

you'll notice the red padlock has been


and I now have control over the hot tip

again very simple now if you have a 2014

or an NXT hot spring these are a little

different this is the wireless control

on some of their newest products this

one is activated by going into the

settings menu and you'll see that there

is a temperature and a spa lock on the


these are very easy to access simply by

hitting the Settings button to activate

or deactivate them you'll actually press

and hold the on or off button

for four seconds so do that with the

temperature and I'll do that with the

lock as well now they're both on if I

press the off button here you'll see

that it doesn't do anything other than

blink however if I hold that that will

then disable that feature if you need

any further help with your hot tub or

have other questions you're certainly

welcome to contact us here at Mountain

hot tub we'd love to help you out