How to Unlock the Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat?

hello clean-energy comfort heating and

air conditioning here today we're gonna

talk to you about the Honeywell t6 pro

thermostat and we we posted a video

about this thermostat a couple of months

ago about how to properly program it

we've got a lot of feedback on that

video one of the main questions that we

got is once the thermostat is locked how

do you get it unlocked

so we're going to go through that with

you today and hopefully answer some of

your questions and I've got Josh our

lead technician here how you doing today

you will get your walk through this

process so again this is the Honeywell

t6 Pro thermostat very common thermostat

that's being installed these days and so

take it away Josh all right so this is

the t6 Pro made by many well sometimes

people accidentally lock it and it's

actually pretty simple to unlock it but

there is a couple steps that you have to

go through so if you ever walk up to

your thermostat and you see the screen

that looks like this and it says unlock

that means it is locked so how you

unlock it is simply push the button

right below where it says unlock and

what it's gonna do is it's gonna come up

to the screen where you put the code in

for this particular thermostat it is one

two three four so you just use the up

and down arrows to get to the numbers

that you need so it is on five right now

so we need to go down to where it says

one hit select and that will pop the

number one up again then you just go to

number two hit select and then number

three hit select and then again to

number four and once it says

one-two-three-four you go ahead and hit

select and that will unlock your screen

and get you back to what you want to do

how you lock the screen if you ever want

to lock it out you know family comes to

visit or you just simply don't want

anybody to change the thermostat you go

into your menu which is the middle

button here you go to your right arrow

until it says lock you hit select and

then you turn it to on and it will save

then it will come back to that original

screen when the video is started and

again just click the unlock to the

one-two-three-four to unlock it and it

is as simple as that so if you ever do

want to lock it you can do it by those

process or if you ever come in to the

thermostat and it is locked that's the

simple way to unlock it thank you very

much for tuning in have a great day