How to Unlock the Honeywell T4 Pro Thermostat

hey this is mark from supply acecomm and

in this video I'm gonna show you how to

unlock the Honeywell t4 Pro thermostat

from the locked home screen press the

center button users will need to enter

the passcode the default passcode when

Honeywell t4 Pro is partially or fully

locked is one two three four press the

plus or minus buttons to change the

first digit of the passcode then press

the select button repeat these steps

until one two three four is displayed on

the screen press the select button the

thermostat will now be unlocked if the

incorrect passcode is entered lines will

flash on the screen press the back

button then follow the previous steps to

enter the correct passcode to adjust the

keypad lock out from the home screen

press the menu button press the plus

button until LOC is displayed on the

screen then press the select button

there are three different options for

the keypad lockout off leaves the

thermostat unlocked allowing full access

part leaves a partial lockout on the

thermostat allowing only the temperature

to be changed on allows no access to the

thermostat press the select button to

select the desired keypad lockout for

more information visit the resources at

supply house comm or email us with any