How to break into your car with a coat hanger

hey guys this very special midnight

how-to video is dedicated to my good

friend Mike who was locked out of his

truck tonight this one is going to be

entitled how to break into your car with

a coat hanger what I have here is your

simple coat hanger I have unwound it and

made a sharp little hook right here

that's what you need it's going to be

about the length of your finger maybe

our littlest finger just a short little

strong hook now what I'm going to do is

slide it in here in between the rubber

of the window and the glass itself on

the outside and when I slide it in I'm

going to rotate it so that it's facing

the inside of the car so basically I'm

just going to slide it all the way down

all the way down to about here rotate it

and I'm going to try and feel for the

the arm mechanism that controls the lock

right now it's locked

can't open it I'm going to try and pop

that up from the outside so here we go


it's a little bit of experimentation a

little bit of feeling around for exactly

where it is just got to go down and up

side to side oh I see it moving I almost

got it up oh I almost got it that my

hook there you go


that's all there is to it so Mike and

anybody else out there who's locked out

of their cars in the middle of the night

you can do this you saw me do it in

under two or three minutes I know you

can too good luck