How to Use A COAT HANGER to UNLOCK your Car (04 Hyundai Elantra Locked Keys)



what's wrong here

so I locked my keys in my car I don't

have my spare and I'm not gonna call

locksmiths but I do got a coat hanger a

metal coat hanger so if you guys got

that this video will help you out get

your keys out free and easy I'm gonna be

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there I think we only need ten more subs

I'm gonna be giving away my blue

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giving away to one lucky so I appreciate

you guys more than you know I never

thought I'd be at 500 subs I know it's

not a lot to me it's a lot and I

appreciate all you guys so hopefully

this guy this video help you out don't

be like me and lock your keys in your

car take it easy





enjoy that little video it's just like a

skill crane or a crane game where you

get the little stuffed animals out and

only key to it is just don't get mad you

just got to focus on it don't get

frustrated with it because it takes a

little bit but hopefully you guys enjoy

thank you guys so much see in the next