98-02 Honda Accord keys locked in trunk solution

so I locked my keys in my trunk to my

2002 Honda Accord and basically it was

all great because the seat thing is

locked by a key which I didn't have keys

in my trunk but even if I was able to

open it somehow that's broken but my

trunk lease in my car is broken so

although my car is unlocked I could not

open the trunk meaning my keys are just

stuck in there so I think I'd have to

call roadside assistance all these

stupid things swamp bump I show you okay

exactly right here and these holes right

here is gonna be this speaker you want

to do all those with a bill meter wrench

once you do that obviously this is open

and you can see and I could see my keys

right there recording or as you're doing

this you can actually see you don't have

much whole room with the window of the

seat right there and everything if

anything I wouldn't be able to do it

fine even unplug this speaker what you

do by squeezing these two clips together

and then pulling it off

up here so yeah that's how you get your

keys out of the trunk if your trunk

release button linked by the driver side

door is broken or your can you reach in

here and pull the latch to open the

seats down whatever reasons you wanted

to like I did very unlucky me that is

how you can do it I saw on a reddit

thread and don't mind my boobs I know I

saw on reddit thread thank you to what

that I forgot thank you that saved me

took like 30 minutes but it's worth it

did not call roadside thanks for

watching if anything I'm a Jew reviewing

this car pretty soon here I'm not sure

when but I will it's pretty cool

it's my first car but for right now

there's a useful video for y'all