How to Unlock a Steering Wheel!

hi Mike Murphy general manager route 23

Honda Honda has an accessory on their

vehicle which you can lock the steering

wheel because the reason for it is so

that if you're parked on an in grade or

a degrade you can turn the steering

wheel to the side so that the wheels are

chopped up against the curb so that if

the brake ever lets loose or pops out of

park the car doesn't roll down it just

rolls into the curb one of the problems

we have with customers a they don't know

that this exists and number two is they

get real panicked when it is locked to

lock the steering wheel you have the key

in the car you turn the wheel all the

way to the side it take the key out and

you pull down on the steering wheel and

you see it's a lot a problem with that

which is a great option is that when you

get in your car and you forget you did

that or if you do it accidentally and

don't do it on purpose the key will not

turn you put the key in it won't turn to

get the key to release you have to pull

back down on the steering wheel and turn

the key this is one of the hardest

things we have to explain to our

customers when they call because it's

just real hard to get them to actually

turn the wheel that's it thank you very