Picking 2001 Honda Accord with no tools

video made like a floppy guy I thought a

total around like a board a

shiny and he jiggled the card or tried

it for Hyundai Sonata 2001 Honda Accord

this is both the Honda and Hindi key

2004 Honda Hyundai Sonata 2001 okay let

me show you how this weird hyundai

hyundai key goes right in unlock system

problem good luck okay go over here to

the Honda unlocked the Honda I solved

the Honda key right here this is the

Hungate key taking a Hyundai key okay it

doesn't it's not working it's not - all

out the door just by doing this you got

to shake it up and down put it in all

the way shake it shake it up and down

all while giving tension to the right

Hyundai Korean on a car lock

it with the Hyundai Kimia show doesn't


jiggle up and down put it it all the way

pull it out keep jiggling

come on three push it okay all right I

just didn't for shits and giggles but

what's that the same Hyundai Kia Honda

key the Honda key and the car will turn

on okay now

Hyundai key you stick it in all the way

keep going up turn in the clockwise way

and giggle here we go but this is a 2001

Honda Accord they started putting a what

set these special chips inside here so

the car won't start

you see that it doesn't start but so

this will work on now watch my colleges

plotted the vulnerable from 2000 and