Swingline Black/Silver LightTouch Desktop Hole Punch - 74026

welcome to mybinding video this is the

swingline light touch desktop hole-punch

it has an extra handle at the top for a

less strenuous punch especially when

punching the maximum amount of sheets

which is 12 push the bottom pad to the

side to empty the trimmings if you have

any or just completely take the whole

pad off and fit it back into place

with the base off you now have access to

change the punch head positions if you

move the side one to the third hole

position then you can have a two hole

punch or you can move them wherever for

any combination of punches find your

page up to the side and make your punch

with the bottom unscrewed you can now

also swap out the head for a new one the

replacement punch head product number is

seven four eight seven zero